How to make a Barrel in Minecraft: Materials, uses and more!

The Barrel in Minecraft is a great storage option and has perks over normal chests. The yare also used to change professions and more!

Barrel in Minecraft
How to make a Barrel in Minecraft?
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Minecraft villagers have many variants and they can choose a different profession to pursue. Today, we take a look at how to make a Barrel in Minecraft which is profession site for a fisherman villager!

Minecraft has a wide catalogue of items in the crafting recipe book and all of them have their separate uses. Many of these bocks are used to give a profession to a villager with no jobs. The villagers with professions often trade rare items with players and are thus really useful.

Here is how to make a Barrel in Minecraft from scratch.

Barrel in Minecraft

Barrel in Minecraft
Barrel in Minecraft

The Barrel is a storage block that also doubles as a job change site for a fisherman villager. Minecraft fishermen can only spawn in a Village which has these blocks.

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They can be found naturally spawning in villages in the huts of fisher villagers. On rare chances at a max 3 barrels can spawn in the house at once.

Players can collect them from here using hands or any tools. However, since it is made up of wood, it is mined fastest with an axe.

How to make a Barrel in Minecraft?

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There are two ways of making this block, which will result in the same items. Players need to collect only wood based materials for this craft able block. They need either:

Java Edition

Barrel in Minecraft
Java Edition Recipe
  • Wooden Planks x6
  • Wooden Slabs x2


Bedrock Edition

Barrel in Minecraft
Bedrock Edition Recipe
  • Sticks x6
  • Wooden Slabs x2

Mixing both of these in the Crafting Table will give the Players a Barrel in Minecraft.

Uses for Barrels

Barrel in Minecraft
Uses for Barrel in Minecraft
  • The barrels are a storage block primarily and has 27 slots of inventory space upon using it. This is the same as a normal small chest and players can store items inside it.
  • One of the main features that separates it from chests is that even if there is a solid block on top of it, it can be opened.
  • Payers can also lock it in the Java Edition so that it cannot be opened by other players.
  • They are also used to change a villager’s job to a fisherman.
  • They make a bass sound when placed under a note block.

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