How to make a Beacon in Minecraft: Materials needed, uses and more!

The Beacon in Minecraft is an end-game tool that gives the players free buffs and projects a beam of light piercing the skies. Here's how to make one from scratch!

Beacon in Minecraft
Beacon in Minecraft

Minecraft is a crafting and building game with aspects of survival built into it. One of the most important blocks is the Beacon and down below we take a look at how to make a Beacon in Minecraft.

Minecraft has various tools to make life for the players easier and give significant buffs to them. Minecraft has status effects that benefit the players but they are hard to get. However, the Beacon in Minecraft is one of the most go-to structures for buffs.

Down below we take a look at how to make a Beacon in Minecraft, step by step.

Beacon in Minecraft

Beacon in Minecraft
Beacon in Minecraft

The Beacon in Minecraft is a unique block that gives the players several buffs like speed, Jump boost and more to nearby players.

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The beacon is hard to get in Minecraft as it requires a Nether Star, that is only obtainable by defeating the Wither boss in Minecraft. The beacon will give off a endless beam of light into the sky once set up and also some significant buffs to the players.

Beacon in Minecraft
Pyramid Levels in Minecraft

Players need to construct a Pyramid in order to Activate a Beacon. The Pyramid can be of 4 heights as shown in the picture above. The blocks consisting of the pyramid is mandatory to be made up of iron Blocks, Gold Blocks, Diamond Blocks or Netherite Blocks. Players also need to ensure that the top of the Beacon is not obstructed by an opaque block.

What does a Beacon do?

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Beacons can provide only one effect at a time and thus players need to construct 6 beacons to get all the 6 effects. However, in Java Edition it is possible to have two powers active. The effects of a Beacon are:

Primary Power

  • Speed I – Increases move speed.
  • Haste I – Increases mining speed and attack speed.
  • Resistance I – Increases durability.
  • Jump Boost I – Increases jump distance and height.
  • Strength I – Increases melee attack damage.

Secondary Power

  • Regeneration I – Regenerates health
  • Level II for the Primary Powers

Players can only select the Secondary power for a level 4 pyramid. Players can activate the powers by using the Beacon by clicking on it and feeding it Iron Ingots, Gold Ingots, Diamonds, Emeralds or Netherite ingots.

The effects are applied over a range of 50 blocks for a Level 4 Pyramid.

Fun Fact: Players can change the color of the Beam by placing a block of Stained Glass on top of it.

How to make a Beacon in Minecraft?

Beacon in Minecraft
Beacon in Minecraft

Making a Beacon is not an easy task due to one unique item that it requires. The Items required are:

  • Glass x5
  • Nether Star x1
  • Obsidian x3

The most important item in this recipe is the Nether Star. The Nether Star is a unique drop by the boss monster Wither. Players can get only one Nether Star by defeating a Wither, but it is a guaranteed drop.

Players can make Glass by smelting sand in a Furnace or Blast Furnace.

Obsidian can be made by mixing water and lava through the help of a Bucket or found naturally spawning underground where lava and water meets.

Beacon in Minecraft
How to make a Beacon in Minecraft

Combine all the 3 items in the Crafting Table in the manner shown above, to make a Beacon in Minecraft.

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