How to make a Bookshelf in Minecraft: Materials, recipe and more!

This article discusses the recipes and materials that the players need to craft a Bookshelf in Minecraft from scratch and enhance their Enchantments!

Bookshelf in Minecraft
How to make a Bookshelf in Minecraft?

Minecraft has a ton of things that the players can build and today we have something for the intellectuals or fans of enchantments. In this article we take a look at how to make a Bookshelf in Minecraft.

Minecraft is all about building and crafting an then using the items to go on grand adventures or defeating tough enemies. A Bookshelf might not look like a important thing to have, but players must always remember, Knowledge is Power!

Down below we take a look at how to make a Bookshelf and its uses.

Bookshelf in Minecraft

Bookshelf in Minecraft 2 - FirstSportz
Bookshelf in Minecraft

The Bookshelf is a block that is used mainly for the purpose of enhancing the enchanting for Enchanting tables or for decoration.

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Bookshelf in Minecraft
Bookshelf in Minecraft

Bookshelves can be found naturally spawning in Libraries in Villages. Moreover, there is also a library in each Stronghold, which contains many bookshelves, ranging from 161 to 233 bookshelves.

Woodland Mansions also have a chance to contain a library section and bookshelves.


Bookshelf in Minecraft
Bookshelf in Minecraft

Bookshelf in Minecraft is mainly used for enhancing Enchanting through the Enchanting Tables. Players can see glyphs flying from the bookshelf towards the Enchanting Table, when put near them.

This gives the players a higher chance of getting high-tier enchantments for their items. A proper setup of 15 bookshelves around the Enchanting Table will ensure maximum level enchantments.

How to make a Bookshelf in Minecraft?

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Players need to get two items before making a Bookshelf. These items are:

  • Any Wooden Planks x6
  • Books x3

Players can make Wooden Planks by breaking trees and processing them in the Inventory.

Books can be made with paper and Leather in the Crafting Table. Click here to know how.

Bookshelf in Minecraft
Bookshelf Recipe in Minecraft

Arrange the items in the Crafting Table in the manner shown above, to make a Bookshelf in Minecraft!

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