How to make a Daylight Detector in Minecraft: Materials, Uses and more!

The Daylight Detector in Minecraft is a useful power source for redstone mechanisms and components and can power-up devices. Here are all the features for it!

Daylight Detector in Minecraft
How to make a Daylight Detector in Minecraft?

Minecraft has many items in the game that the players can build using the basic materials in the game. In this article we take a look a how to make a Daylight Detector in Minecraft.

The redstone power is a important aspect in Minecraft as it is the in-game electrical circuit and is the basic block for automatic and machines. Players build innovative structures and machines out of them and they are very popular, However, they all need a power source and we look at exactly that.

Down below is how to make a Daylight Detector in Minecraft.

Daylight Detector in Minecraft

Daylight Detector in Minecraft
Daylight Detectors

The Daylight Detector is a block that can give off redstone power but only through the power of sunlight so it is all natural!

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Players cannot find them naturally spawning anywhere in the world of Minecraft and is a item that only the players can craft. Players can easily mine it using a tool or hand.

How to make a Daylight Detector in Minecraft?

Daylight Detector in Minecraft
Daylight Detector in Minecraft

Players need three base items to make the Daylight Detector in Minecraft and these are:

  • Glass x3
  • Nether Quartz x3
  • Wood Slab x3

Players can make glass by following the guide here. Nether Quartz is a item that can only be found in the Nether realms.

Wooden Slab can be made from processing wooden logs.

Daylight Detector in Minecraft
Recipe for Daylight Detector

Combine the items in the Crafting Table in the manner shown above to make a Daylight Detector.

Uses for Daylight Detectors

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A daylight detector is used to create redstone power from absorbing sun light in the mornings or even in night time.

Players can place a daylight detector anywhere and it needs a open skyline source to get the daylight. It is automatically activated when in sunlight. However, torches and artificial light sources do not activate it.

The Daylight detector can also be inverted during the night and perform the same function. When activated they will power redstone dust next to them and redstone comparators. They will also redstone mechanisms next to them such as pistons and redstone lamps.

Its power level is dependent on the amount of light and the condition of the weather.

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