How to make a Door in Minecraft: Materials, Uses and more!

A Door in Minecraft is absolutely necessary for the players to safe-guard their homes from unwanted hostile mobs at night and stay safe. Doors are also self made breathing bubbles!

Door in Minecraft
How to make a Door in Minecraft?
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Minecraft players know very well how dangerous the world can get, especially at night times. Therefore, in this article we take a look at how to make a Door in Minecraft to keep the players guarded and safe.

Various defence mechanisms are present in Minecraft so that players can use them to protect themselves from hostile mobs and live without any fear of being attacked. Armors and Shields are two of them but to protect your home from unwanted invaders or trespassers, a Door is of utmost importance!

Down below we take a look at how to make a Door in Minecraft and all its features.

Door in Minecraft

Door in Minecraft
Door in Minecraft

The Door is a block in Minecraft which can be opened and closed and acts as a barrier against most of the hostile mobs in the game. They can either be opened by hand, broken or using a redstone signal.

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Natural generation

Door in Minecraft
Door in Minecraft

Doors can naturally generate in any villages and Woodland mansions in the Overworld. In the Nether they may spawn in Nether Fortresses. Strongholds, few shipwrecks may also contain a naturally spawning door at the entrance.

Types of Doors

Door in Minecraft
Types of Doors

There are a variety of doors players can make depending upon the material they choose to make it with. However, it doesn’t change the function of the door but it may change the durability.

The Types of doors and materials used in Minecraft are listed below:

  • Oak Door (Oak trees)
  • Spruce Door (Spruce trees)
  • Birch Door (Birch Trees)
  • Jungle Door (Jungle Wood)
  • Acacia Door (Acacia Wood)
  • Dark Oak Door (Dark Oak trees)
  • Iron Door (Iron Ingots)
  • Crimson Door
  • Warped Door

All the Doors mentioned above, except the Iron door, is made out of wood and can be broken either with hand or axe. The Iron Door requires a Pickaxe to break.

Likewise, the wooden doors can be open by hand by villagers, wandering traders, vindicators and piglins. But the Iron Door requires redstone power to open.

Uses of Doors

Door in Minecraft
Door in Minecraft
  1. Doors can be used by the players to guard house or area entrances as they do not let most of the Hostile mobs in Minecraft pass through. Players can set them up by placing them on top of a solid block.
  2. Players can make a temporary Water Breathing pocket by placing a Door underwater. However, this trick only works in Java Edition and not the Bedrock Edition.
  3. Players can also connect Doors to Redstone power and components to make it an automatic door using a Lever or a Pressure plate. However, be careful as the zombies and other mobs can also trigger Pressure plates.

Players need to careful because some Zombies and Vindicators have the power to break open Wooden doors on Hard Mode.

How to make a Door in Minecraft?

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Players need only one kind of Item to make the Door in Minecraft. The player needs to collect the type of item mentioned above , to make the door of their choice.

  • Any type of item (Oak, Spurce, Birch, Dark Oak, Jungle, Acacia, Iron, Crimson, Warped) x 6
Door in Minecraft
Door Recipe

Players can then arrange the items in the Crafting Table in the manner shown above to craft a Door!

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