How to make a Ender Chest in Minecraft: Materials required, uses and more!

The Ender Chest in Minecraft is one of the best storage items in the game that the players can use to store important items and here is how to make one!

Ender Chest in Minecraft
How to make a Ender Chest in Minecraft?

Ender Chest in Minecraft is a very useful tool for the players and is a variant of the Chest block in the game.

Minecraft has a ton of collectible items that the players can both need or can simply collect, in the game. To store them, players need a ample storage system to store all their loot. This also needs to be efficient and simple enough and the developers have introduced the chest system!

Down below we take a look at how to make a Ender Chest in Minecraft.

Minecraft Ender Chest

Ender Chest in Minecraft
Ender Chest in Minecraft

The Ender Chest in Minecraft is a variant of the chest that is exclusive to each players and can be accessed from anywhere into the world!

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Ender chests can only be found spawning in certain End City treasure rooms alongside a normal chest. Players need a pickaxe to break any Ender chest.

Best Features of Ender chests

Ender Chest in Minecraft
Uses of Ender Chests

The Ender Chest is one of the best storage items in the game and these are the features that make it stand out:

Ender Chests act like any other Chest in storing about 27 items in them. However, the main point is that it is exclusive to each player. This means that other players will not be able to access or steal your items from the Chest.

Moreover, all Ender chests made by the player in the world are linked together making it one of the safest ways of storing. This means that even if one Ender Chest with your items is destroyed or the players die, they can retrieve it by simply making another Ender Chest.

Players can also increase the massive items slots by combining it with a shulker box.

How to make a Ender Chest in Minecraft?

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Players need two main items to make a Ender Chest in Minecraft and these are:

  • Obsidian x 8
  • Eye or Ender x1

Players can find obsidian by mixing lava with water. Eye of Ender can be made by following the guide here.

Ender Chest in Minecraft

Combine the two items in the Crafting Table in the manner shown above to make a Ender Chest.

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