How to make a Glass Bottle in Minecraft: Materials, Recipes and more!

Glass Bottle in Minecraft is an important storage unit made with simple materials found easily and is used to store liquid materials that are important to the player from time to time.

Glass Bottle in Minecraft
How to make a Glass Bottle in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a open-world crafting and adventure game and crafting items is possibly a larger part of the game. There are numerous crafting recipes and this is how to make a Glass Bottle in Minecraft.

Minecraft has a ton of crafting recipes that the players can make and everything has their own places in Minecraft. Even the minimal pieces of equipment has their uses and place in the Overworld of Minecraft.

Down below we take a look at how to make Glass Bottle in Minecraft.

Glass Bottle in Minecraft

Glass Bottle in Minecraft
Glass Bottle in Minecraft

The Glass Bottle in Minecraft allow players to store liquid items in it. These can include water, potions, dragon’s breath and honey.

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Glass Bottle are found naturally spawning from witch drops, drinking a potion filled glass bottle or from fishing.

The Witch mob in Minecraft has a rare chance of dropping a Glass Bottle on death due to the potions it carries. They can drop 0-6 of them per witch. Fishing is also a good way of getting bottles but it is very inconsistent. Players can find potion bottles in many chest throughout the Overworld and drinking it will give them the Empty Glass Bottle.


Glass Bottle in Minecraft
Glass Bottle in Minecraft

A Glass Bottle in Minecraft might be used as:

  • Collecting Water to make a Portable Water Bottle in Minecraft. Players can either fill it from a block or through dispenser.
  • To make and store potions in it.
  • To capture the purple clouds that drop during Ender Dragon breath .
  • Honey can also be collected from the Beehives using a Glass Bottle.
  • It can also be used to fill a cauldron.

How to make a Glass Bottle in Minecraft?

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Players can make a Glass Bottle with only one ingredient. Players only need Glass x3 to make a Glass Bottle.

Players can get Glass by smelting Sand in Furnace or Blast Furnaces.

Glass Bottle in Minecraft
Glass Recipe

After this players must arrange the Glass in the manner shown above to make Glass Bottles in Minecraft.

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