How to make a Loom in Minecraft: Materials required, uses and more!

The Loom in Minecraft is a tool that is used for the sole purpose of customising and coloring banners by the players. This article gives a step by step way to make it!

Loom in Minecraft
How to make a Loom in Minecraft?

Minecraft has a huge amount of craft-able items that serve a variety of purposes in the game. In this article we take a look at how to make a Loom in Minecraft from scratch.

Minecraft has a lot of small tools and machines that the players can build and each one has their own unique mechanic and uses. Even for the small features, the developers have introduced small but effective machines to make work easier. One such machines is the Loom.

Down below we take a look at how to make a Loom in Minecraft.

Loom in Minecraft

Loom in Minecraft
Loom in Minecraft

Looms are a unique machine block that is used to apply patterns and color banners and more.

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Banners in Minecraft are a much used item that is used to either mark territory or for decorations. Banners can be crafted using only wool and sticks but upon initial crafting, it is plain and simple. However, making a Loom ensures players can customise the banner through a wide selection of patterns and color combinations.

Looms can be found naturally generated in a Shepard Villager‘s house in a Village. It is a wooden block so players can break it with hand but an axe is more effective.

How to make a Loom?

Loom in Minecraft
Loom in Minecraft

Players need only two items to make a Loom in Minecraft. These are:

  • Strings x2
  • Wooden Planks (any) x2

Players can find Wooden Planks by punching wooden or cutting them with an Axe and processing it in their Inventory.

Strings can be found by:

  • By killing Spiders
  • Inside Chests
  • Breaking spiderwebs
Loom in Minecraft
How to make a Loom

Players then need to put the items in the Crafting Table in the manner shown above to make a Loom.

How to use the Loom?

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Upon making a Loom, players can click on it to open the Loom’s work bench where there will be three sections:

Loom in Minecraft
Loom Work Bench
  • Banner slot – Players need to put the banner here to start customising.
  • Dye Slot – Players need to put the Dye to customise and color the Banner.
  • Optional Banner Pattern – This is a banner pattern that the players can make through secret items and paper.

These are all the banner patterns:

  • Flower Charge
  • Field Masoned
  • Bordure Indented
  • Globe
  • Snout
  • Creeper Charge
  • Skull Charge
  • Thing

Players can make any patterns from the available ones and customise using items from their Minecraft world.

After finishing the Banner, simply put it back into you Inventory by clicking and dragging. This is make the banner as you wished!

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