How to make a Minecraft Painting?

The Minecraft Painting is a very beautiful decorative block that can be used to beautify a interior. Here is how to make them!

Minecraft Painting
How to make a Minecraft Painting? (image via.

Players can make their dream house through crafting with unique blocks in Minecraft. Here we take a look at how to make a Minecraft Painting to decorate the house!

Minecraft has a major world building aspect aside from all the adventure and battles. A majority of the times players will find themselves relaxing at their homes and building cosy buildings and such. To liven-up the interior decorations the developers have many items in the game.

Here is how to make a Minecraft Painting in the game.

Minecraft Painting

Minecraft Painting
Minecraft Painting

The paintings are decorative items that the players can make easily and hang on the walls.

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Paintings can be found in some villages houses and also from master-level shepherd villagers. Players can break them using their hands and obtain it.

Players can place the Paintings by holding it in their hands and using it on a solid block.

How to make a Painting in Minecraft?

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Players can easily make a Painting in Minecraft using two items in the game:

  • Sticks x8
  • Wool (any color) x1
Minecraft Painting
Painting Recipe

Players can put both the items in the Crafting Table to make a Painting.

Varieties of Paintings

Minecraft Painting
Minecraft Painting (Image via. painting inspired)

When placing a painting, the game sees the biggest painting the wall can hold and chooses a random painting depending upon that. There are many paintings that are divided into categories based on their size and designs. Most of the portrait art is made by Kristoffer Zetterstrand.

1×1 Block Pictures

  • Albanian
  • de_aztec
  • de_aztec 2
  • Target Successfully bomed
  • Kebab med tre pepperoni
  • Paradistrad
  • Wasteland

2×1 Block Pictures

  • Bonjour monsieur Courbet
  • The Pool
  • Seaside
  • sunset_dense

1×2 Block Pictures



2×2 Block Pictures

Minecraft Painting
Minecraft Painting (image via,
  • Bust
  • Match
  • Moonlight Installation
  • The stage is set
  • The Void
  • Wither

4×2 Block Pictures

  • Fighters

4×3 Block Pictures

  • Kong
  • Mortal Coil

4×4 Block Pictures

  • Skull on Fire
  • RGB
  • Pointer

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