How to make a Minecraft Trapdoor: Materials, Uses and more!

The Minecraft Trapdoor is a fun build to make with which players can craft secret hidden bases and even useful mob traps to make EXP farms!

Minecraft Trapdoor
How to make a Minecraft Trapdoor?

The tools in Minecraft are varied and they come in handy in many purposes to the player. Here is how to make a Minecraft trapdoor from scratch and use it properly.

The Trapdoor is a interesting inclusion in the game which is basically a upside down opening that can lead underground or on the top. Players can use them to make secret hideouts or to set traps for other mobs and players.

Here are all the features and how to make a Minecraft Trapdoor.

Minecraft Trapdoor

Minecraft Trapdoor
Minecraft Trapdoor

A Trapdoor is a door like block that the players can see through and acts as a barrier that can be opened. The item acts as a 1×1 hinged door.

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They can generally be found spawning in villages and in Shipwrecks.


Minecraft Trapdoor
Minecraft Trapdoor

The Trapdoor comes in many variants out of which all are wooden and one Iron Trapdoor. These are as follows:

  • Oak Trapdoor
  • Spruce Trapdoor
  • Birch Trapdoors
  • Jungle Trapdoors
  • Dark Oak Trapdoors
  • Iron Trapdooor

Their Variants are similar to doors in Minecraft.

How to make Minecraft Trapdoors?

Wooden Trapdoors

Players need to collect any Wooden planks x6 and place them on a Crafting Table.

Minecraft Trapdoor
Wooden Trapdoor

Arrange them in the manner shown above to make a Wooden Trapdoor.

Iron Trapdoors

This recipes need players to collect Iron Ingots. These are made by melting Iron Blocks in Furnaces or Blast Furnaces.

Minecraft Trapdoor
Iron Trapdoor

After you acquire Iron Ingots, place them in the manner shown above to make Iron Trapdoors.


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  • The Trapdoor acts as a solid block when it is closed and doesn’t let players or mob enter. Players can close and open wooden trapdoors and they can also be opened with a redstone pulse.
  • However, a Iron Trapdoor cannot be opened by hand and requires a redstone pulse.
  • It can be used as traps by players to catch other players off guard.
  • It can also be used to divert or stabilise the flow of water by placing it over a block on top of water and opening it.
  • Very useful in making mob traps.

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