How to make Nether Brick in Minecraft to build?

The Nether Brick in Minecraft is a great dark red colored building item that can give a cool texture to your buildings!

Nether Brick in Minecraft
Nether Brick in Minecraft (Image via.

Minecraft has a variety of building items which act s the building blocks for the players to start construction on massive projects or simple structures. Here is how to craft and obtain a Nether Brick in Minecraft from scratch.

Construction is one of the most popular things in the game as it offers the players a variety of items to do so. They can create amazing structures like medieval architecture and even pulp fiction monuments like Spaceships and more. Players make them quite often and some even do that in their survival world.

here is all about the Minecraft Nether Brick and how to get them.

Nether Brick in Minecraft

Nether Brick in Minecraft
A House with Red nether bricks roof (image via. Pintrest)

The Nether Brick is a building item that can be made by the players themselves and is generally created in a Furnace.

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There is only one way of getting nether bricks naturally, and that is through bartering with the new denizens of the Nether, Piglins. Piglins have a chance to drop 2-8 Nether Bricks when the players give them an Gold Ingot. This will make the Piglin stare at the Gold for a while before dropping a random item.

However, even though this is a completely renewable source, it is not consistent and therefore players are better off making them from scratch.

How to Smelt a Nether Brick in Minecraft?

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The Nether Brick can be smelted and created using Furnaces in Minecraft. Furnaces use fuels such as Coal, Charcoal and wood to transform a raw material to a material that can be used to craft an item.

Secondly, players need Netherrack as the raw material in order to smelt the bricks. Netherrack is the commonly found solid stone-like red block that is found almost everywhere in the Nether realm. Players can mine them using a Wooden or above Pickaxe. Since, it is very commonly found, players will not have a hard time finding them.

Nether Brick in Minecraft
Recipe for Nether Brick

After finding, all the items, place the Netherrack and the fuel inside the Furnace and this will give you a Nether brick and some EXP. One Netherrack block gives the player one Nether Brick in Minecraft.

Uses for Nether Brick

Nether Brick in Minecraft
Nether Bricks in Minecraft (image via. Reddit)

The Nether Brick can be used to craft some great building materials that will give your structures a Nether building type of feel. Some items are:

  • Nether Brick Fence
  • Nether Bricks
  • Red Nether Bricks

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