How to make a Shield in Minecraft: Materials, crafting recipe and more

The Shield in Minecraft is a great defensive tool that will protect the players from many ranged or melee attacks and even some explosions!

Shield in Minecraft
How to make a Shield in Minecraft

Minecraft has many craftable items that the players can build in order to protect themselves from various attacks. In this article we take a look at how to make a Shield in Minecraft.

Minecraft has a lot of mobs that can hurt the players like skeletons, zombies and much more. These mobs deal damage to the players and can even kill them upon which the players lose all their items. To protect themselves, players can apply a variety of measures, one of which is the Shield.

Down below we take a look at how to make a Shield in Minecraft with all the steps.

Shield in Minecraft

Shield in Minecraft
Shield in Minecraft

The Shield is a very useful defensive item in Minecraft and blocks almost all the attacks from enemy mobs.

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The Shield is a very useful tool that protects players from attacks and most effectively the Skeleton arrows. Players can equip it by placing it in the Shield section of their inventory.

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Using the shield slows down the player to sneaking speed and blocks all damage. When taking more than 4 hearts of damage, the durability of the shield.


Shield in Minecraft
Shield in Minecraft

Most of the projectiles will be blocked and the status effects from tipped arrows and shulker boxes will go through. The Projectiles can also be deflected into other targets. Knockback from knockback based attacks is also drastically reduced. Explosion damage is also significantly reduced.

However, it cannot block all kinds of attacks. Some of the un-block able attacks include:

  • Ender Dragon Breath
  • TNT that the players lit themselves
  • Lasers from Guardians and Elder Guardians
  • Crossbow enchanted with Piercing
  • Attacks from Axe wielding mobs


Shield in Minecraft
Banner Shield in Minecraft

The Shield in Minecraft can be Enchanted with 3 types and they are:

  • Unbreaking – Makes the durability higher
  • Mending – Consumes a part of XP gained to regenerate durability f shield
  • Curse of Vanishing – Vanishes when dropped

Fun tip: Players can combine a banner together with a Shield to make various patterned shields.

How to make a Shield in Minecraft?

The players need only two items to makes the Shield and is fairly easy. These are:

  • Wooden Planks x6
  • Iron Ingot x1

Player can make Wooden Planks by breaking trees.

Iron Ingots can be obtained through mining for Iron blocks underground and then melting them in a Furnace.

Shield in Minecraft
Shield in Minecraft

Combine the two items in the manner shown above, in the Crafting Table to make a shield!

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