How to make a Shulker Box in Minecraft: Materials, Uses and more!

The Shulker Box in Minecraft is one of the most popular storage options and players can make this portal chest by following he steps down below!

Shulker Box in Minecraft
How to make a Shulker Box in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sand-box crafting game with many aspects of adventure and building that players love. Here is a similar item to build, the Shulker Box in Minecraft and how to make one.

Shulker Boxes are one of the best option for the players to store their items because of its versatility and item space. They can be hard to make because of their item requirements, but getting them is rewarding for the players.

Down below we look at how to make a Shulker Box in Minecraft.

Minecraft Shulker Box

Shulker Box in Minecraft
Shulker Box in Minecraft

A Shulker Box is a chest block that is used to store items for the players and can also be carried around across large distances.

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The Shulker Box is not found naturally generated anywhere in the world and can only be crafted by the players.

How to make a Shulker Box in Minecraft?

Shulker Box in Minecraft
Shulker Box in Minecraft

Players need to collect Shulker Shells in order to craft a Shulker Box. These can only be found by killing Shulkers in End Dimensions. Therefore, they are hard to make in he early game.

Players need:

  • Shulker Shell x2
  • Chest x1
Shulker Box in Minecraft
Shulker box Recipe

Combine the two items in the Crafting Table in the manner shown above to make a Shulker Box.

Shulker Box in Minecraft

Players can also add a dye to it to make it any color they want. Players can un-dye it using a Cauldron.

Main Features of Shulker Boxes

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The Shulker Box is a unique storage option and players should definitely look forward to making it. The box has 27 inventory slots just like a Chest in minecraft.

However, the main benefit of a Shulker Box is that it is portal . This means that players can keep items in it and then break it, and none of the items will be spilled. In normal chests, the items will all drop when breaking the chest.

Players can then carry the Shulker Box in their inventory to transport a huge number of items in the game. However. players cannot store anther Skulker box inside a Shulker Box.

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