How to make a Sword in Minecraft: Materials, crafting recipe and more!

Swords in Minecraft is one of the most popular weapons in the game and players can obtain them pretty early in the game to protect themselves from enemy mobs!

Sword in Minecraft
How to make a Sword in Minecraft?

Minecraft allows the players to arm themselves to the teeth in order to defend themselves and making a weapon is a easy job. In this article we take a look at how to make a Sword in Minecraft.

Weapons in Minecraft are a huge part of the game and players must acquire them to keep themselves safe. Monsters are around all the parts of the world in Minecraft and they can creep up on you from behind sometimes. To be prepared, players will need armor and weapons and fortunately it is easy to make.

Down below we take a look at how to make a Sword in Minecraft.

Sword in Minecraft

Sword in Minecraft
Sword in Minecraft

The Sword is a melee weapon in Minecraft and is one of the best weapons to use in the game. It is a single-hand weapon with moderate damage and high attack speed.

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Natural spawn

Sword in Minecraft
Sword in Minecraft

Swords can be found naturally dropped by mobs that spawn with a sword. Moreover, Zombies, Husks, Piglins, Withered Skeletons, Vindicators, Pillagers and Zombified Piglins all have a chance to drop swords. There is also a chance for the sword to be enchanted.

Swords can also be found (with or without enchantments) in chest loots like Shipwrecks, Buried Treasure, Strongholds, Villages, etc.

What are the Sword Types in Minecraft?

Sword in Minecraft
Sword in Minecraft

There are 6 kinds of materials that can be used to make a sword. The ranking from worse to best is listed below:

  • Wooden Sword
  • Stone Sword
  • Iron Sword
  • Gold Sword
  • Diamond Sword
  • Netherite Sword

The Netherite Sword is the best sword in the game right now and is also one of the best weapons with enchantments.

Stats for Sword

Sword in Minecraft
Sword in Minecraft

The Sword has moderate amounts of damage and high attack speed compared to other weapons in the game.

  • Wooden: Damage 4/Attack Speed 1.6
  • Stone: Damage 5/Attack Speed 1.6
  • Iron: Damage 6/ Attack Speed 1.6
  • Golden: Damage 4/Attack Speed 1.6
  • Diamond: Damage 7/Attack Speed 1.6
  • Netherite: Damage 8/Attack Speed 1.6

Enchantments for Swords

Sword in Minecraft
Enchanted Sword

These are the following Enchantments that can be applied to a Sword:

  • Fire Aspect: Gives Fire damage to the weapon.
  • Looting: Increases mob loot drop killed by the sword.
  • Unbreaking: Increases the durability of the weapon.
  • Sharpness: Increases the damage of the weapon.
  • Smite: Deals more damage to undead mobs.
  • Bane of Arthropods: Deals more damage to spiders.
  • Knockback: Applies knockback to the enemy.
  • Mending: Restores durability by consuming EXP.
  • Curse of Vanishing: Disappears when dropped.
  • Sweeping Edge: Increases sweep damage of the sword.

(Fun Fact: Cobwebs/Spiderwebs and Bamboos are easily breakable by a sword.)

How to make a Sword in Minecraft?

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Players need only two types of items to make a Sword in Minecraft. Players need to collect the following:

  • Any Crafting Material (Wood Planks, Cobblestone, Iron Ingot, Gold Ingot, Diamond, Netherite) x2
  • Stick x1

Players can get a Stick by crafting Wooden planks in the Crafting table.

The materials top make the sword can be found underground or by mining.

Sword in Minecraft
Sword Recipe in Minecraft

Combine the two items in the Crafting Table in the manner shown above to make a Sword.

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