How to make a Trapped Chest in Minecraft?

The Trapped Chest in Minecraft is a easy way to store your items with security and also trap players who try to access your Inventory!

Trapped Chest in Minecraft
How to make a Trapped Chest in Minecraft? (image via. Reddit u/EduardoBarreto)

Minecraft has an extensive list of items that the players can craft and therefore, they also need a place to store them. In this article we take a look at how to make a Trapped Chest in Minecraft to ward off any unneeded intruders who try to steal your loot.

Chests in Minecraft are a way of storing items, food, weapons and armor and other things. The storage system is very necessary because of the huge amount of items that the players get and also need in order to build houses or craft items.

Here we take a look at how to make a Trapped Chest in Minecraft.

Trapped chest in Minecraft

Trapped Chest in Minecraft
Trapped Chest (Image via. Sportkeeda)

The Trapped Chest is a item storage unit which can also be used as a trap for unsuspecting players who try to steal the player’s items.

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This is a chest which can emit a redstone signal that may activate any component that is near it. They are naturally generated in fake end portal rooms in Woodland Mansions and players need to be careful because it is a trap!

Players can break it using an tool or an Axe and obtain it. A Trapped Chest can be identified by a red mark near the lock.

Uses for Trapped Chests

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Trapped chest can be used as a storage like normal chest and has 27 inventory slots. Similarly a Large trapped chest has 54 slots of inventory for storage.

Since it emits a Redstone signal, it can activate any component near it. This includes pistons, redstone lamps and compensators.

They can also be used as a trap to blow up players. This can be done by placing a TNT block below the Trapped Chest in Minecraft. When opened, the redstone signal will activate the TNT which will blow up any mob, items or players near them.

Fun Fact: On Christmas (December 24th, 25th and 26th) the cosmetic of the Trapped Chest is made to look like a Christmas Present box.

How to make Trapped Chest in Minecraft?

Trapped Chest in Minecraft
Trapped Chest in Minecraft (Image via. Reddit)

Players need only two items in Minecraft to make a Trapped Chest:

  • Chest (Small chest/Large chest) x1
  • Tripwire Hook x1

Chests can be made using Wooden planks and Tripwire hooks can be made by following the guide here.

Trapped Chest in Minecraft
Recipe (image via. Minecraft)

Combine the items in the Crafting Table in the manner shown above to make a Trapped chest in Minecraft.

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