How to make Cookies in Minecraft: Materials, recipe and more!

Cookies in Minecraft are one of the more unknown food items that the players can make to celebrate their victories or for a fun party!

How to make a Cookies in Minecraft
How to make a Cookies in Minecraft

Players can simulate many of the real world activities in Minecraft like fishing, exploring and even eating Cookies! In this article we take a look at how to make Cookies in Minecraft with a few easy and simple steps.

Minecraft has a ton of food that the players can eat. Eating food in Minecraft restores health and increases the hunger meter. Players need food to survive the world in Minecraft, and fortunately there are many option to choose from. Players can also combine various basic foods to make exotic recipes and foods.

Down below we take a look at how to make a Cookie in Minecraft.

Cookies in Minecraft

Cookies in Minecraft
Cookies in Minecraft

The Cookie is a food item that are tasty but do not restore much health or hunger meter.

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Players can eat a cookie and it restores 2 Hunger and increases hunger saturation by 0.4. Therefore, it is not necessary for survival and is a bad option when fighting or survival.

How to get a Cookie?

Cookies in Minecraft
Cookies in Minecraft
  • Players can naturally get a Cookie from journeyman farmers who sell 18 cookies for 3 emeralds.
  • Players can also get free cookies from farmer villagers if the player has the Hero of the Village effect.

Fact: Giving your pet parrots, cookies, will kill them or poison them. Never give your pet parrot cookies!

How to make a Cookie in Minecraft?

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Players need two raw materials to make a single cookie and they are not easily found. Players need:

  • Wheat x2
  • Cocoa Beans x1

Players can find Wheat from villages, or they can make their own Wheat farm and cultivate it.

Cocoa Beans are harder to find and players may find them in Chests or in Jungle Biomes by breaking Cocoa.

Cookies in Minecraft
Cookies recipe in Minecraft

Combine the two items in the manner shown above to make a batch of 8 Cookies in Minecraft.

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