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How to make an Enchanting Table in Minecraft? : Simple guides and builds

The Enchanting Table in Minecraft can be made with only 3 items and by following these simple steps listed below!

How to make an Enchanting Table in Minecraft?

Minecraft Enchantments are one of the most interesting and important part of the game. In this article we will learn how to make an Enchanting Table in Minecraft by following simple and easy steps.

Enchanting is one of the most fun aspects of Minecraft. Players can apply these Enchantments to their weapons, armor and tools to perform various boosted and even some amazing sorcery. Mining and Weapon damage have taken over a new strength after enchantments were introduced to the game. And the way to enchant items is through the Enchanting Table in Minecraft.

Down below we take a look at how to make the table in-game.

Enchanting Table in Minecraft

Enchanting Table in Minecraft

The Enchanting Table in Minecraft is a block that allows players to enchant tools, weapons, books, armor and more. They consume levels that the player stores as catalyst.

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The players need an Enchanting table along with Lapis Lazulli to start enchanting their weapons and armors. Lapis Lazulli is a naturally occurring block that can be mined deep underground in Minecraft.

Players can put the item they want to enchant and the Lapis in the Enchanting table to get a series of 3 random enchantments. The quality of enchantments depends upon the amount of levels it consumes to make and also a bit of luck.

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Moreover, to have a better chance of getting higher quality enchantments, players can set bookshelves around the Enchanting Table with a space of 1 block in between them. A total of 15 bookshelves ensures the highest quality of enchantments.

Players can also enchant a book in the table by placing a normal book to produce a Enchantment book.

How to make an Enchanting table?

Enchanting Table in Minecraft

To make an Enchanting table, players need to procure a set of 3 hard to find items. These are:

  • Diamonds x2
  • Obsidian Block x4
  • Book x1

Players can find Obsidian blocks naturally where lava meets with water. Alternatively, they can make their own by pouring a bucket of water alongside a bucket of lava.

Diamonds can be found deep underground by mining. A diamond Block is to be mined with a Iron Pickaxe or higher to drop a Diamond.

Books need to be made from paper and leather. Paper can be made using Sugarcanes, which are naturally found and Leather can be found from cows.

Enchanting Table in Minecraft Recipe

Combining all the three ingredients on the Crafting table like the picture above gives the player the Enchanting table.

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