How to make a Map in Minecraft: Crafting, uses and more

Maps in Minecraft are very useful for the players to find their way around the world in Minecraft. These are the basic steps to make a map in Minecraft.

Map in Minecraft
How to make a Map in Minecraft

Minecraft’s world is vast and the players can experience a variety of new adventures by venturing out into the wilds. However, they might need help to find their way back home and thus we look at how to make a map in Minecraft.

Minecraft’s Overworld is huge and infact almost never-ending with many biomes and structures dotting the world. Players like to go on arduous adventures in the Minecraft Survival mode and explore next places like ocean monuments, jungle temples and find villages. However, players also run the risk of getting lost while roaming the world and this is why a map is necessary!

Down below we take a look at how to make a map in Minecraft from scratch.

Map in Minecraft: Uses

Map in Minecraft
Map in Minecraft

Exploring in Minecraft is one of the most popular things that the players like to do in their Survival world and this comes with its own risks. Along with the dangerous mobs that attack the players on sight, there is also the fear of getting lost in the wilds.

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The maps in Minecraft help the players explore the terrains and marks landmarks permanently. There are two variants of maps that the players can make. One is the Blank Map and a Locater Map.

The Blank map can be turned into a regular map by clicking it and the area around the player will get pixelated on the map. A locator map is a higher end version, where the movements of player is recorded in real time on the map.

Many Treasure maps are also spawned naturally in Shipwrecks, Strongholds and villages with cartographer chest. Players can also obtain them from cartography villagers if they have the Hero of the Village effect on them.

Maps in Minecraft: How to make them?

Map in Minecraft
Locator Map in Minecraft

To make a Map in Minecraft, players need to acquire three items:

  • Sugarcane x8
  • Iron x4
  • Redstone x1

These 3 are the basic materials needed to craft Paper and a Compass to successfully make a Map.

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Steps to make a map:

Harvest sugar cane, Iron and Redstone the then convert them in their other forms.

Map in Minecraft

Sugarcane is directly made into paper from the Crafting table.

Map in Minecraft

To make a Compass, read here.

Map in Minecraft
Map in Minecraft

After this combined the two items as shown above to make an Empty locator Map in Minecraft.

Players can also add one paper with Compass in a Cartography table to create the same.

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