How to make a Minecraft Lantern: Materials, Uses and more!

The Minecraft Lantern is one of the best light sources in the game and players can easily make it from following the steps given below!

Minecraft Lantern
How to make a Minecraft Lantern?

Minecraft is a dangerous place to stay as the night falls and monster spawn all around you. However, to ward them off, players can use the Minecraft Lantern, which we will learn to make in this article.

In Minecraft, the concept of Light is a very important concept. The world of Minecraft depends upon dark spots to generate monsters. Monsters are the hostile mobs that try to hurt the player and are very hostile. Therefore, players need to light up darkness with light sources to stop the monsters from spawning.

Down below we take a look at how to make a Minecraft Lantern from scratch!

Minecraft Lantern

Minecraft Lantern
Minecraft Lantern

Lanterns in Minecraft are a block that acts as a source of light and can be hung up on walls and blocks to illuminate areas and stop monster spawn.

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Minecraft Lantern
Soul Lantern

The Lanterns in Minecraft are divided into two categories, based on the color of the light. These are:

  • Lantern – The normal one with yellow/orange light.
  • Soul Lantern – The variant which produces a turquoise light.

Natural Spawn

Minecraft Lantern

They can sometimes be found spawning naturally in villages farms hanging over lamp posts. Some buildings in snowy tundra villages and bastion remnants also have hanging Lanterns.

Players can break them only with a Pickaxe and it drops the Lantern.

Players can also find them from apprentice level librarian villagers who sell one lantern for 1 emerald.

How to make a Lantern?

YouTube: MCBasic

Players need two primary items to make a Minecraft Lantern. These are:

  • Iron Nugget x8
  • Torch/Soul Torch x1

Players can get Iron Nuggets by processing Iron Ingots in their Crafting Table. Players can get Iron Ingots by melting Iron blocks inside a Furnace or Blast Furnaces.

Torches can be made by following the guide here.

Minecraft Lantern
Lantern Recipe

Players need to combine the two items in the Crafting Table to make a Lantern or a Soul Lantern.


Minecraft Lantern
Minecraft Lantern
  • Lanterns are one of the brightest sources of light in Minecraft and emit a light level of 15. They can be used as a decorative piece as well.
  • Players need to place the lanterns on top or bottom of the solid blocks, but some requires players to crouch. Hanging it under a block attaches chains to it to help it hang.
  • Lanterns can melt snow slowly and Soul Lantern are the only light source that repels piglins!

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