How to make Saddle in Minecraft? : Beginner’s guide and builds

The Saddle in Minecraft is one of the most sought after items in the game because of the riding requirements in the game. Down below we see how to obtain a saddle.

Saddle in Minecraft
How to get Saddle in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a all you can craft open world game, where players can build whatever they want and however they want. In this article we take a look at how to make Saddle in Minecraft.

Minecraft is one of the most popular open world sand-box game and is widely accepted as one of the greatest game of all time. The game has a ardent player base and the popularity is justified by its gameplay. There are many craft able items in Minecraft that the players can make and make use of them in various ways.

Down below we take a look at how to make a Saddle in Minecraft.

Saddle in Minecraft

Saddle in Minecraft
Saddle in Minecraft

Minecraft has a wide variety of mobs that the players can interact with or fight with. There are a number of peaceful mobs that the players can tame and make it their pets. These can be used to hunt other mobs and also for transportation.

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One of the most popular mobs is the horse, which the players can tame and ride. They are very fast and is essential while travelling large distances and adventuring. Horses can be tamed by feeding them wheat and after taming players can ride them.

However, one item is required to control the horse while riding them and that is the Saddle in Minecraft.

Can you make Saddle in minecraft?

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As many of you have already figured out, no, players cannot make saddles in survival mode Minecraft. The recipe to make a saddle hasn’t be implemented into the game and cannot be crafted.

However, Saddles in Minecraft can be obtained by a variety of means.

Chests in Dungeons

Saddle in Minecraft

Saddles in Minecraft can be found in Dungeons that appear underground with a spawner in the middle. Dungeons are small rooms and are often identified by a Cobblestone wall. Players can dig underground for a chance to find one.

The Dungeon is guaranteed to contain a Chest, however, the chest isn’t guaranteed to contain a saddle. If players are lucky then they can find the saddle on the first try!

Chest in Nether Fortress

Saddle in Minecraft
Nether Fortress

A Nether Fortress is a big palace like structure in the Nether World of Minecraft. To go to the Nether, need to make a Nether Portal. However, Nether Fortresses are rare and it may be hard to fin one.

The Fortress will be lined with enemies and loot so it is a high risk and high reward place. Players can definitely find one saddle if they explore the whole Nether Fortress.

Catching a Saddle while Fishing

Saddle in Minecraft

Players also have a rare chance of getting a saddle through fishing with a fishing rod. Players can cast their line into the water and pull it out as soon as it starts to bubble.

As soon as the bobber goes underwater, reel in the line. Players need to be really lucky to fish up a saddle. However, players can enchant their fishing rod for a better chance of getting rare loot like Saddle.

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