How to make Shears in Minecraft: Materials, recipe and more!

Shears in Minecraft are very useful items to shear sheep, pumpkins, honey combs and several other blocks that cannot be mined through normal means!

Shears in Minecraft
How to make Shears in Minecraft?

Minecraft has a ton of tools that come in handy for the players in a lot of different tasks. In this article we take a look at how to make Shears in Minecraft.

Minecraft has many features that set it apart from other sand-box games and its detailed items are one of the them. Players can build, explore, craft and even challenge tough bosses in Minecraft. Players can also spend their time crafting simple clothes, banners and even making their cosy home.

Down below we take a look at how to make Shears in Minecraft.

Shears in Minecraft

Shears in Minecraft

Shears in Minecraft are a very useful tool that is mainly used to shear the wool of sheep.

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Novice level Shepard Villagers may sell a pair of shears for 2 Emeralds. Players can also get it from a Shepard’s chest in the villages.


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Shears are very useful tools and are used for variety of purposes like shearing sheep, making holes in pumpkins and obtaining honeycomb from Beehives.

The Sheep sheared will provide a better amount of wool, ranging from 1-3, instead of the normal 1. Players also do not need to kill the sheep and is essential in farming purposes.

Players can also shear Mooshrooms to obtain 5 mushrooms. The cow is turned into a normal cow.

Shears can also be used to break certain brittle blocks such as wool, cobweb, seagrass, ferns, tripwire, vines and more.


Shears in Minecraft
Shears in Minecraft

Players can enchant the Shears in Minecraft with the following Enchantments:

  • Efficiency: Increases breaking speed of the Shears.
  • Unbreaking: Increases durability of the tool.
  • Mending: Consume EXP to restore durability.
  • Curse of vanishing: Disappears when dropped.
  • Silk Touch: Breaks some of the most brittle blocks, that cannot be mined with regular tools and be made to drop items.

How to make Shears in Minecraft?

Players only need one item to make a pair of Shears in the game an these are Iron Ingots. Iron Ingots can be found underground where players need to break Blocks of Iron and melt them in a Furnace or Blast Furnace.

Shears in Minecraft
Shears Recipe in Minecraft

After obtaining 2 Iron Ingots, arrange them in the Crafting table in the manner shown above to make a pair of Shears.

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