How to make a Stonecutter in Minecraft: Materials, uses and more

A Stonecutter in Minecraft is a very efficient tool at converting stone-like blocks into various other forms without a crafting recipe.

Stonecutter in Minecraft
How to make Stonecutter in Minecraft

Minecraft is often used by the players to build amazing structures and massive buildings to showcase their creativity. One of the tools that is a must for building is the Stonecutter in Minecraft and we take a look at all its details.

Minecraft is a open-world sand-box game where players can craft anything and everything they want. They can also build their favourite structure from any movie or tv series or even from their imagination. Almost anything is possible to be built in Minecraft and the best builders needs the best tools!

Down below we take a look at how to make a Stonecutter in Minecraft and how to make it from scratch.

Stonecutter in Minecraft

Stonecutter in Minecraft
Stonecutter in Minecraft

The Stonecutter is a crafting block that is used to craft and reshape almost any stone-like block in the game. They are used to cut the blocks into smaller and more shapely blocks.

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The Stonecutter spawns naturally in Villages inside a Mason’s house. Every village doesn’t have a masonry but the masonry is guaranteed to contain a Stonecutter in Minecraft. Players can mine them with a pickaxe to obtain it.

Stonecutter in Minecraft
Stonecutter in Minecraft

The Crafting Table in Minecraft is the main way to craft anything and everything in the game. But sometimes, players may feel that it gets cluttered to find the recipes because of the sheer number of recipes present in the game.

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The main purpose of the Stonecutter is to be more efficient than the Crafting table for making stone related blocks. The Stonecutter is used as an alternative and makes the structures related to stone easily and faster. Players don’t need to use any recipe and simply place the block in it to start working!

Secret tip: A Stonecutter can be place under a note block to produce a Bass drum sound!

How to make a Stone Cutter?

Stonecutter in Minecraft
Stonecutter in Minecraft

Players need only two items to craft the Stonecutter and these are:

  • Iron Ingots x1
  • Stone x3

Players can obtain Iron Ingots by digging underground and finding Iron Blocks. After this put them in a Furnace to convert them into a Iron Ingot.

A Stone can be made by mining Cobblestone and putting it into the Furnace to turn it into Stone.

Stonecutter in Minecraft
Stonecutter in Minecraft recipe

Put both the items in the Crafting Table as shown above to make the Stonecutter.

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