How to make TNT in Minecraft: Materials, recipe and more!

The TNT in Minecraft is a block that explodes and can be used to destroy other blocks and even set up traps to hurt other players! Here is how to make one!

TNT in Minecraft
How to make TNT in Minecraft? (image credits - maxicube)
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Minecraft has a lot of tools for building and even for traps and destroying other blocks. One of them is the TNT in Minecraft and we take a look at how to make one from scratch and its uses!

Minecraft’s world features an endless list of craftable items that serve a variety of purposes. Most of these are required for building purposes but some can be used for fun or for destructive purposes. These blocks may come in handy when playing with friends and for a fun trap. The players can also clear a large area of blocks with the help of the TNT.

Down below are all the features and how to make TNT in Minecraft.

TNT in Minecraft

TNT in Minecraft

The TNT in Minecraft is a block that will explode upon being lighted by the player and can destroy the area around it.

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Locations to find

TNT in Minecraft

They can be found naturally spawning in Chests found in Buried Treasures an in Shipwrecks. Players might also find them in Minecarts in Mines. Breaking the Minecart will drop the TNT.

They can also be found spawning in Desert Temples as traps. Woodland Mansions also have chests wired with TNT as traps in a secret room. Players can disarm them to obtain the TNT.

How to make TNT in Minecraft?

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Players need two base items to create a TNT in Minecraft. These are:

  • Sand/Red Sand x4
  • Gun Powder x5

Players can find Sand or Red Sand on sides of water bodies and in deserts.

Gun Powder can be difficult to find as they only spawn in Chests and drops from Creepers and Ghasts!

TNT in Minecraft
TNT Recipe in Minecraft

Combine the Two items in the Crafting Table in the manner shown above to make a TNT in Minecraft.

How to use a TNT?

TNT in Minecraft
TNT with Redstone in Minecraft

Players can activate the TNT by lighting it with a Flint & Steel or with Fire/Lava. Players can also use items that are enchanted with Fire Aspect. To make a TNT activate automatically, players can use a Redstone circuit.

Once activated the TNT becomes a primed TNT which glows in white and creates an explosion after 4 seconds. This explosion blows and destroys all blocks near it (except bedrock), which can also damage or kill the player.

Players can use Redstone circuits to make traps with a TNT which blows up when stepped upon.

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