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How to create a Wheat farm in Minecraft: Tools required, process and more

The Minecraft Wheat farm is one of the most simple yet effective food sources in the game and this is very easy to make!

How to make Wheat farm in Minecraft?

Minecraft has a lot of dimensions to the game, and players often forget about them while adventuring or building. In this article we take a look at how to create a Wheat farm in Minecraft step by step.

Farming in Minecraft is a very important concept to sustain in the game. Minecraft has various mechanics in the game and one of the most interesting ones is farming. Players can create infinite food from just some seeds and watering them, just like real life!

Down below we take a look at how to create a Wheat farm in Minecraft.

Wheat Farm in Minecraft

Wheat farm in Minecraft

To make a farm players need some basic items and the know how to make the farmland.

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The materials required:

  • Seeds
  • Hoe (any material)
  • Bucket (optional)

How to make or find the Materials?


Players can find seeds by breaking grass on the plains or any small bush in the Minecraft world. They are very common and found everywhere in the world.



Players can make a hoe using two materials (planks, cobblestones, iron, gold, diamonds) and two sticks. The blocks can be found by mining underground and the sticks can be made by turning planks into sticks.

Combines the two in a Crafting table in the manner shown above, to make a hoe.

Bucket (optional)


Players need 3 iron ingots and combine them in the manner shown above to make a Iron bucket.

How to make a Wheat farm?

Players can go through this in two ways. Either they can make a custom farm where they have to set the dirt blocks for the whole farm or they can simply find dirt blocks near a river and place the farm there.

YouTube: ErhanGaming

Riverside farm

  • This is the easier version where players simply need to find a river with dirt blocks on its banks.
  • Equip the Hoe in your hand and click on the dirt to make the land cultivateable.
  • Players can then plant the seeds into the cultivated land to make the farm.
  • The Wheat crops will grow after a while.

Custom farm

Wheat farm in Minecraft
  • Players can break and collect dirt blocks to set them as they wish on a plain ground.
  • Players need to keep in mind that the farm soil needs to be close to a water source to be fertilized.
  • Therefore, if there are no water sources nearby, then players can use the Bucket to carry and pour water in a block near the soil.
  • Players can then use the Hoe to cultivate and plant the seeds to create a Wheat farm in Minecraft.

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