How to obtain Wool in Minecraft?

The Wool in Minecraft can be a tricky item to obtain if there are no sheep around and here are some ways to get them!

Wool in Minecraft
Wool in Minecraft (image via.

Wool in Minecraft is one of the most important starting items in the game and can be obtained through a variety of means. Here is how players can easily find Wool in the game to make items and more.

Minecraft is an open world sand-box game where players can live life as they want. They can fight off monsters, build weapons and armor, create structures and also make other items to aid them in their journey. Like many of the items found in the world, Wool is one such basic but very important item. It can be used in making cloth-like items such as banners and even beds to rest and create save points!

Here is how to obtain wool in Minecraft pretty easily!

Wool in Minecraft

Wool in Minecraft
Wool in Minecraft (image via.

Wool is a block that can be used to make a variety of textile based items in the game. They can also be dyed and thus allows room for customisation.

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Wool is a block that can be used in making Beds which is one of the most important items in the game. It allows the players to make a Save Point in the world, where the players revive when they die.

Other items in the game that can be made using wool are banners, Banners are cosmetic items and are used in decoration. Alongside this it can also be used in making Strings and other such items.

How to get Wool in Minecraft?

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  1. The most common way of getting Wool is from Sheep. Sheep are a passive mob that spawn in plains and hills biomes. They can either be sheared using a pair of Shears or killed in order to get the Wool block. One sheep drops only one wool block.
  2. Woodland Mansions also have naturally generated wool blocks inside the structure and can be broken using hand or any other tool.
  3. Villages with Shepard house, Fletcher House and the Bell well in Plains villages have Yellow and White Wool blocks.
  4. Pillager Outposts also have Wool blocks in the tent-like structures outside the main tower.
  5. Shepard Villagers can also sell dyed wool blocks in exchange for Emeralds. But if the players have the Hero of the Village effect, they will get the wool for free!
  6. Lastly, they can be found in Chests of a variety of houses in the Villages.

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