How To Overplay D-Bee In Free Fire

Free Fire has a huge character roster with each character possessing unique skill. Here in this article we will take a look at tips to overplay D-Bee in Free Fire.

D-Bee In Free Fire
Overplay D-Bee In Free Fire
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Free Fire is known for its roster of special characters with unique abilities. D-Bee in Free Fire is the latest addition in the character roster. The characters and their unique abilities give assistance to players in the game and on the battlefield to beat all of their opponents. This is one such character that can be most useful in several situations in the game.

This character has a unique in-game skill “Bullet Beats” that makes him special. This skill of his is introduced new in the game and might be new to players as well. Here in this article we will take a look at his skills and the tips and tricks to use D-Bee in Free Fire effectively.

D-Bee (Bullet Beats)

D-Bee in free fire

D-Bee is the latest addition to the Free Fire character roster. He has a passive ability called “Bullet Beats” that gives the user improved accuracy and movement speed at firing while moving.

At it’s base level the skill increases the movement speed by 5% and accuracy by 10%. At it’s max level (level 6) the skill improves the movement speed by 15% and the accuracy by 35%.

Maximise D-Bee’s Skill

D-Bee In Free Fire

D-Bee in Free Fire has a passive ability that increases your speed of movement by 15% at maximum level. It will be used to evade and pull back during intense combat. With that increased movement speed the skill also offers additional improved accuracy by 35%.

This skill of D-Bee can prove very deadly to your enemies while rushing towards your enemies. This skill will also give you a chance to use shotguns with improved accuracy.

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Combining D-Bee In Free Fire With Other Character’s Skills

D-Bee Skill

As we have mentioned earlier, D-Bee possesses a passive skill type and can be combined with another powerful passive as well as active abilities. His skill can be very deadly with Shirou’s “Damage Delivered” as it marks players for sometime and with Luqueta’s “Hat-Trick” you can also increase your maximum HP.

You can also use one of the major active skill like Drop the Beat of DJ Alok or the Master of All by K (Captain Booyah) to make this skill more powerful and effective. These are some tips you can use to overplay D-Bee in Free Fire.

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