How To Overplay Maro In Free Fire: Here Are Some Tips For May 2021

Maro in Free Fire has a passive skill type ability called "Falcon Fervor" which is exclusive for taking out enemies from a distance. Using the given 3 tips here, you can probably outplay all enemies in Free Fire with Maro's ability.

best pet combinations for Maro

Free Fire is known for its inclusion of special characters with unique abilities. The characters and their unique abilities give assistance to players in the game to beat all of their opponents. Maro in Free Fire is the latest addition in character roster. This is one such character that can be most useful in several situations in the game.

Free Fire roster currently has a total of 39 characters in the game with unique abilities. The developers will be adding more characters in the future. This character has a unique in-game skill “Falcon Fervor” that makes him special. Here in this article we will take a look at his skills and the tips and tricks to use Maro effectively.

Maro Ability: Falcon Fervor

Maro in free fire
Maro Ability

According to his in-game description, Maro is a falconer who likes bow hunting. His passive ability is called “Falcon Fervor“.

  • At its base (level 1), this ability increases damage over distance by up to 5%. It also allows increases damage to marked enemies by 1%.
  • At its maximum level (level 6), Falcon Fervor increases damage over distance by 25%. Meanwhile, damage to marked opponents is increased by 3.5%.

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Maximise Maro’s Ability

Maro in Free Fire has a passive ability that increases the damage dealt to the enemy from far distance. When upgraded to his max level (level 6), the enhanced damage increases by 25% and the damage to the marked enemies also increases by 3.5%. A single shot from Maro can take the enemy down that too from long distances. Level-up can be done using gold or through the level up cards which are available in the in-game stores.

Using Maro’s Ability With Other Active Abilities

As we have mentioned earlier, Maro possesses a passive skill type and can be combined with another powerful active abilities. You can combine Maro’s passive ability with any active skill character like DJ Alok, Chrono and K (Captain Booyah) along with the other two passive skills. His skill can be very deadly with Shirou’s “Damage Delivered” as it marks players for sometime and Maro’s skill gives increased damage to marked enemies. Choosing a proper or right skill combination to power up Maro’s ability and battle it out on the battlefield.

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