GTA Online Meth Lab Guide: Setup, upgrades, sell missions, and more

Learn how to cook up some meth and run the Meth lab business in GTA Online

GTA Online Meth Lab Guide: Setup, upgrades, sell missions, and more

Meth Lab in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

The Motorcycle Club President is one of the 2 careers players can pursue in GTA Online. As the MC president, players can run different businesses with their motorcycle club. Meth Lab is one of the 5 Motorcycle Club businesses in the GTA Online that you can run to earn money.

It is the 2nd best MC business just behind the Coke lock-up and is worthy of your time in the game. It operates similarly to the other MC businesses and is very easy to set up in GTA Online.

So here’s everything you need to know about running a Meth lab in GTA Online.

Purchasing and setting up the Meth lab in GTA Online

To purchase a meth lab, players have to first register as the MC president from the interaction menu and head to their office in the MC clubhouse. Now, sign in to The Open Road site. Here, players will see an option to buy businesses.

How to purchase and set up the meth lab in GTA 5
Meth Lab workers (Image via Rockstar Games)

Now click on the Methamphetamine tab on the left side to filter out the Meth labs to buy. There are total 4 Meth labs that you can purchase, they are:

  • Grand Senora Desert Meth lab: $910,000
  • Paleto Bay Meth lab: $1,024,800
  • The Lab at Terminal Meth lab: $1,365,000
  • El Burro Heights Meth lab: $1,729,000

As players can see, Grand Senora Desert Meth lab is the cheapest one. It is also in the centre of the map and is closer to the Great Chapparal Clubhouse(the cheapest MC clubhouse). So, it is a great deal overall.

Meth Lab set-up

Like any other MC Business, setting up Meth Lab is quite easy. After opening The Open Road server, you’ll see an option to set up the business. After clicking on the Set up business, a mini-mission will trigger.

In the mission, players just have to retrieve supplies for the lab from the given location. After bringing the supplies in, the Supply level bar will fill up completely. Shortly afterwards, your workers will arrive to convert the supplies into products, but that’s not it.

Players have to buy the upgrades for the Meth lab as it is not profitable to run the business without the upgrade. There are 3 upgrades that players can buy; Equipment upgrade, Staff upgrade and Security upgrade.

Equipment upgrade

Equipment upgrade enhances the quality of the product(meth) your worker manufacture and hence increase the overall selling price. It will cost you $1,100,000 to buy the equipment upgrade. It sounds expensive however, it is very worth it.

Staff upgrade

It speeds up the production process and workers can make products better and faster. You can buy this upgrade for $331,500 which is relatively cheaper.

Security upgrade

It is somewhat of an auxiliary upgrade that players can leave out. It basically spawns security guards to the Meth lab and prevents rival MC gang(NPC) attacks or police raids. The security upgrade will cost $513,000.

These events trigger while registered as MC President and being in the Free Mode. You can just choose to switch to CEO while doing other stuff in free roam.

Earning money through the Meth Lab in GTA Online

To actually run the Meth lab, players need to regularly fill up the supplies. They can either launch a resupply mission that takes around 8-10 minutes or buy the supplies. It will take around 2-3 resupply missions to fill up the Supply bar which is almost 20-25 minutes of your time.

Thus players can just buy the supplies for $75,000 and let the business run passively while focussing on other in-game missions. Now, a complete Supply bar will take 2.5 hours to completely convert into Meth worth $178,500 which is slightly more than 2 mini bars of product.

The maximum product stock is worth $428,400 which players can sell through the selling mission. The sell mission differs according to how much stock you are selling.

For 1 and a half bar, only one sell vehicle will spawn; 2 vehicles for stock between 1 and a half to 3 and a half bar; and finally for selling the full stock, there will be 3 sell vehicles. However, if you get lucky, you can get 1 sell vehicle for your sell mission irrespective of the stock.

Over time, players will easily recover their investment in the Meth lab and start making a profit to buy other businesses, cars and properties in GTA Online.

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