How to reach Heroic tier in Free Fire MAX easily: Best tips for October 2021

Here we will share the best tips to reach the Heroic Tier in the newly released game i.e., Free Fire MAX.

How to reach Heroic tier in Free Fire MAX: Free Fire has a ranking system similar to all other Battle Royale games with Bronze being the lowest rank tier and GrandMaster is the highest rank tier. Free Fire and Free Fire MAX, which is the enhanced version of the original title are synchronized together and both have the same elements & aspects in the game with slight improvisations.

The heroic tier is the second most-highest rank tier in Free Fire MAX, and players find the progress so hard to reach it. Players will encounter veteran players who have spent so many hours in the game to improvise their gameplay. On top of that, being killed by hackers is another frustration for players who wanted to push their rank and more to it, the constant fear of being eliminated is another worry. Thus, many players give up pushing their rank in the middle, but we will give you some best tips to reach the Heroic tier in Free Fire MAX, the enhanced version of Free Fire that was released recently.

How to reach Heroic tier in Free Fire MAX easily

5. Land in Safe places and be aware of all places in the map

how to reach heroic tier in free fire max
safe landing

No rank push player would like to land in a chaotic place and none want to get eliminated early in the game. So, in order to stay on the safe side, players should land in safe places so that they can easily loot without any harm. Moreover, your chance of getting eliminated early is reduced to a notable difference and you will attain good ranking points at the end of the match. Know all safe and dangerous places on the map, also keep an eye on the player count while in the plane so that you can know where others are heading to. Thus, you can choose another safe place.

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4. Focus on looting early in the game, especially the meds supplies

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How to reach Heroic tier in Free Fire MAX easily: Best tips for October 2021 3

Looting is another main aspect of the game. While pushing rank, you may not get the chance of looting everywhere and most of the time, you will get stuck at a single place until the zone shifts. You cannot run here and there in open if you wish to rank push, by doing so, you should stay low out of the enemy’s sight. So, loot well enough in the early stages of the game and share the needs with your teammates.

3. Don’t be greedy for kills

how to reach heroic tier in free fire max
Dont go for kills

Kills do not matter much when rank push is considered, even though you do 15 kills in the match and die early, you will get fewer points. But, if you survive till the end and get a few kills consistently for 3, 4 matches, you will get good rank points. You will be rewarded with more points if you get a booyah. This doesn’t mean that you should not take kills even though when you have the chance. Take advantage of the situation and take kills if you have a clear shot.

2. Survive and win

reach heroic tier in free fire max
How to reach Heroic tier in Free Fire MAX easily: Best tips for October 2021 4

This point is more similar to the above point. Players should survive till the end and try to get wins as many as possible. If you take such wins consistently with a minimum of 4-5 consistent kills, your rank will easily go up. Give the utmost priority to winning the match. Also, make sure that you have a squad that has the same aim so that it can motivate you to push the rank altogether.

1. Usage of character and consistent performance

free fire characters
Image via in-game

Characters are by far the best inclusions in the game by the developers. Choosing a character is an individual Choice and is considered as a personal preference of choice based on their gameplay style. Characters can be of great help to players and they are so Powerful because of their potent performance in the game. Besides this, consistent performance is also required otherwise your rank will be downgraded. It doesn’t mean that you should not lose a single match, instead, you can cover the lost points by performing well in the next match.

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