How to register for Free Fire OB29 Advance server? A step-by-step Guide

The advance server is a separate application that is designed to test the upcoming Free Fire patch and its features prior to its release. Here is how you can register for the advance server and how to download the APK file.

free fire ob29 advance server

Free Fire OB29 Advance server registrations have begun. Players can register for the advance server for free. This article will list a step-by-step guide on how one can register for the Free Fire OB29 Advanced Server.

Free Fire developers never fail to keep their users happy. The game offers a wide range of customization for players and it has a lot of room for customization. Officials launch regular events alongside the periodic updates to keep players hooked to the game. Generally, Free Fire releases an Advance server before launching a major patch. Similarly, the OB29 advance server is going to be released for downloads soon with the registrations are now going on.

The advance server is a separate application that is designed to test the upcoming patch and its features prior to its release. Players are given the chance to test the application and report the bugs, glitches to the officials. Thus, the officials can fix them and launch a clean patch. In return, players will receive diamonds as rewards for reporting main bugs and glitches in the testing phase. Let us know how can one register for Free Fire OB29 Advance server.

Step-by-step guide on how to register Free Fire OB29 Advance server

Follow these steps which are given below for successful registration of the OB29 Advance server:

Step 1: Open any web browser and search for ‘Free Fire Advance server registration’ and click on the first link to head to the official registration site. Use the link below to get redirected to that website.

Link: Free Fire Advance Server Registration

Step 2: Once you are in, click on ‘Login Facebook’ to proceed. Enter your Facebook login credentials and log in.

Note: Use the Facebook account which is linked to your Free Fire Global version account. If you do not have a Facebook account, you cannot make registration and moreover, you will need the Facebook linked account to your global account.

free fire ob29 server
Click on Login Facebook

Step 3: Once you got access to the registration page, you will be displayed an application form as shown below.

Free Fire OB29 Update
Enter your details

Step 4: Enter the asked details in the recommended dialogue boxes. You will be asked the following things to enter:

  • Full Name
  • Active Email-ID
  • Phone Number

Step 5: After filling in all details click on the “Join Now” option to finish up the process. The application will be received by the officials for further process.

That is it, you have successfully registered for the advance server.

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Free Fire OB29 Advance server APK Download Date and Time

Adobe Post 20210717 1635190.2039372363273445 - FirstSportz

The OB29 advance server APK will be available to download on July 21. The developers have not yet revealed any timings of availability. All registered users can download the APK client but, only those with Activation code can enter the game and play.

Activation code

free fire ob29 advance server

Activation codes are only provided by the developers for only a few registered users and those who had not received the activation code cannot play the advance serve even though they have registered or downloaded the APK client. Activation Code is shared via various means like Gmail, Message etc. Players can keep a check on them for activation code until July 21.

Players do not need to delete the global version as this application is a separate application. Players can have both apps installed on their devices. Only Android users can register for the Advance server because the server application file is an APK extension. Thus, the Advance server is not available for iOS users.

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