How to tame a Cat in Minecraft?: Easy guide for players

Cats are one of the most desirable mobs in Minecraft and give the players a lot of benefits. Here's how to tame a Cat in Minecraft with ease!

How to tame a Cat in Minecraft
How to tame a Cat in Minecraft?

Minecraft mobs are very useful to the players for many purposes such as food, transport an more. One of these is the cat that many players desire as a pet. In this article we take a look at how to tame a Cat in Minecraft with a few easy steps.

Minecraft mobs are varied and are spread out throughout the wide-open world. Some of them are useful to you, some are there just wandering the world, some are pets and a lot of them want to hurt you. The world of Minecraft is just as dangerous as it is beautiful and the mobs give it a identity. The cat is a tameable pet mob in Minecraft which can be tricky to tame for many players.

Down below we discuss how to tame a Cat in Minecraft with all the details about it.

How to tame a Cat in Minecraft?


Cats are one of the most adorable and prized pet spawns in the game after the dog and horse. The cones spawning in a village or a witch’s hut are called cats. And the ones spawning in a Jungle are called Ocelots. Both can be tamed using uncooked fish, and a Ocelot will turn into a cat once tamed.

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How to tame a Cat in Minecraft
How to tame a Cat in Minecraft

The Cat is a tameable passive mob which spawn in villages and swamp huts. There is a high chance for black cats to spawn during a full moon and a witch’s hut always spawns a black cat. The Black cat with orange eyes is our Favourite!

The cats also have two added effects that are unique to them. The first one is that they chase away creepers and phantoms and if a cat is near a player, the creepers will avoid them. This is a huge buff because creepers are one of the strongest mobs that can kill the players in Minecraft.

The second one is that if a players goes to bed during night and the tamed cat isn’t sitting, it will go sleep on the player. In the morning the cat has a 70% chance of dropping any one these:

  • Rabbit’s Foot
  • Rabbit Hide
  • String
  • Rotten Flesh
  • Feather
  • Raw Chicken
  • Phantom Membrane

For these added benefits and adorable appearance many players desire to tame a cat. However, it is tricky because the cats run away from players who move too fast near them, making it a difficult game of tag if the players don’t know the appropriate steps.

Here’s how to tame a cat in Minecraft:

YouTube: Flascoe

Players can find cats in villages and witch huts. These are stray cats and can be tamed by the players.

The players need raw uncooked Salmon or Cod, that they can get by fishing, to tame a cat. The cat will run if the players sprint or even if they get too close slowly.

However, cats approach a player slowly when they are holding a piece of uncooked salmon or cod and are very still. Players need to go the nearest to the cat and stand with a fish in their hand.

Be careful, as moving your head too fast or moving will scare them away again.

The cat will slowly approach you, and you can feed it the dish after which it becomes a tamed cat. Tamed cats don’t run away from the players. Cats and Ocelots have the same taming process as well. When tamed, a collar appears on the cat’s neck making you it owner.

This is how to tame a cat in Minecraft with ease!


How to tame a Cat in Minecraft 2 - FirstSportz
Cat in Minecraft
  • Cats give the achievement “Where Have You Been?” when players receive a gift from them.
  • Befriending twenty stray cats in villages gives the achievement “Plethora of Cats”.
  • There are 11 variants of cats in the game. Taming all the 11 gives the achievement “A Complete Catalogue”.

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