How To Top-Up Free Fire Diamonds On MooGold For May 2021

There are various ways to top-up diamonds in Free Fire. Moogold is one of the most trusted websites that you can rely on to top up diamonds. Here we will discuss how to top-up free fire diamonds on moogold.

free fire diamonds
Top-Up Diamonds On MooGold

Diamonds are the in-game currency of Free Fire and are used for various purposes. However, they aren’t for free players have to spend real money to purchase them. You can top-up Free Fire diamonds on MooGold. Diamonds can be used to buy Elite pass, Gun Skins, participate in events, and to buy characters.

There are several means by which a user can buy Free Fire diamonds and top-up websites. Here we will discuss how to top-up Free Fire diamonds on MooGold for May 2021.

Steps To Top-Up Free Fire Diamonds On MooGold For May 2021

Free Fire Diamonds On MooGold

MooGold is one of the most used and trusted top-up websites amongst the players. Players can directly procure their currency by entering their Player ID. Follow the steps given below to purchase Free Fire Diamonds from the official website:

Step 1: In the first step you should open the website first. You can go to the website using this link here.

free fire diamonds

Step 2: Click on the Free Fire option. Select the required currency and enter the Player ID in the text field.

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Step 3: In the this step, choose the required top-up option and click on the “Add to Cart” button.

free fire diamonds on moogold
MooGold Top-Up Step 2

Step 4: Click on the “Proceed to checkout” option. Diamonds will soon be added to the accounts of the players after making a successful payment.

The Top-ups available on Moogold are:

100110 (only for first time users)₹ 86
210231(only first-time users₹ 172.36
530538(Only First-time users)₹ 430.90
645No bonus₹ 534.91
1080No bonus₹ 829.67
10801188(Only for First-time users)₹ 861.79
2200No bonus₹ 1747.08
22002420(only for First time users)₹ 1723.48
4450No Bonus₹  3494.17
6900No Bonus₹  5237.33

Apart from this method, players can also purchase a Weekly or Monthly Membership from the platform to acquire Diamonds.

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