Garena Free Fire: How To Use DJ Alok With It’s Best Ability?

Free Fire has a lot of unique characters in it's roster and almost all of them has unique abilities too. Here in this article we will take a look at top 3 tips to use DJ Alok with it's best ability.

dj alok
DJ ALOK character in Free Fire

Free Fire has a huge roster of characters all equipped with unique abilities except for Primis and Nulla. DJ Alok has been one of the most sought-after Free Fire characters. Almost every player admires him because of his powerful skills. This skill offers multiple advantages to the player on the ground.

It helps Alok be versatile and allows the players to have an extra edge during their gameplay. Here in this article we will take a look at how you can use dj alok wth it’s best ability.

Tips On How To Use DJ Alok Ability in Free Fire

1. Using DJ Alok For Skill Combinations

how to use Dj alok ability
Dj Alok in Free fire

DJ Alok’s ability is very versatile and suitable for almost every character skill combination. If paired correctly, the combined skills can be advantageous in both Clash Squad as well as ranked matches.

For example, DJ Alok, Joseph, Hayato, and Dasha is a balanced character combination for every player. Dasha’s ability will lessen the maximum recoil, making it easier for players to knock down their opponents.

Since Joseph increases movement and sprinting speed after taking damage, it helps players avoid enemy attacks. Hayato will increase enemy armor penetration damage, and Alok will offer constant healing with increased movement speed.

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Escaping The Blue Zone

dj alok in free fire
DJ Alok In Free Fire

DJ Alok is the only character that offers maximum benefit of his skill while escaping from the blue zone. Some players use the zone playing to push ranks while staying with the circle and most times, they get caught in the blue zone and take zone damage.

Here, Alok’s continuous healing ability can help players survive that damage and reach the safe zone without using medkits. It is very useful in Battle Royale mode for pushing rank to heroic and even Grandmaster.

Maximising The Ability

DJ Alok in Free Fire has an active ability that increases your speed of move by 15% at maximum level. It will be used to evade and pull back during intense combat. The increment in motion speed alongside the recovery of 50HP ensures that you leave the dangerous fighting zone. All that without consuming much deadly harm from enemies, unless you are tackled by a whole squad. Level-up can be done using gold or through the level up cards which are available in the in-game stores.

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