Is HasanAbi Moving back to Youtube ? Streamer discusses possibilities on recent Twitch livestream

Is HasanAbi Moving back to Youtube ? Streamer discusses possibilities on recent Twitch livestream

There have been speculations by the Twitch community about HasanAbi Piker, the political commentator turned streamer to make a comeback to where he started from, YouTube. Although people were hoping so, HasanAbi has confirmed in his latest stream on 31st October, that he won’t be coming back to the red platform. The streamer is happy with where he’s at, which is Twitch, and has numerous reasons to not change to Youtube.

“Is there no chance I will go to YouTube? No, man. No. There is no chance I will go to YouTube,” says HasanAbi, strongly denying any rumors and claims stating otherwise. He has no intentions of switching platforms as he believes YouTube’s streaming community is just not there yet, compared to Twitch. He does mention that he would consider switching up platforms if there are a few developments regarding the chat community, but seems highly unlikely to do so right now.


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Hasanabi believes YouTube has certain flaws that make Twitch a better platform

Hasanabi is one of the most prominent streamers on Twitch (Image: Hasanabi/Twitch)

Piker mentions that the main reason he isn’t changing platforms is because of the lack of functionality YouTube has. He feels that ultimately, YouTube is going to be a bad experience for the audience themselves, as the chat culture isn’t good enough, and neither is the moderation any better on the platform. After denying his own rumors, HasanAbi also advised other streamers not to switch unless they received a ‘big bag to entice them’. HasanAbi believes that although he personally doesn’t mind being on Twitch, he does speculate that the platform would be overtaken by YouTube in the near future. 

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Amongst the talks of switching different platforms, it should also be kept in mind that TrainwrecksTV is also thinking of launching his own platform, which he announced a few days ago. Although it is an interesting avenue, it’s still unlikely for HasanAbi to consider that, given the rivalry between him and TrainwrecksTV. So, although he has some choices, HasanAbi has decided to stick to Twitch and continue for the sake of his audience and their interactions with him.

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