Huge PUBG Mobile Update 1.2 with Runic Power Mode releasing on 12th January

New Update 1.2 Available on January 12th


PUBG Mobile developers are working hard to keep the game relevant and fresh in this new decade. On January 12th PUBG Mobile is going to receive an Update 1.2 which adds a ton of new features and in-game content as the preparation for the upcoming season of battle royale is on its way.

This update 1.2 will also bring various modes like Runic Power, Power Armor, Metro Royale: Honor, a new firearm called “FAMAS” and some other bug fixes that will make the user experience better on January 12th.

PUBG Mobile Update 1.2 Details:

This season is going to start later when the update and most of the new features have been dropped. But don’t worry PUBG Mobile is receiving a new Runic Mode with other new features on Tuesday 12th of January.

The update 1.2 size on Android is of 615MB whereas on iOS devices the data size of the update is going to be a lot bigger a whole 1.5GB.

Players can also claim their free rewards by updating the game in-between 12th to 17th January. Once updated log into the game and you will receive your free reward of 2,888 BP, 100 AG, and the Acolyte of Justice 3D backpack.

There will be a new addition of weapons in PUBG Mobile with this update 1.2. FAMAS is a classic assault rifle with 25 rounds at its base but has the fastest firing rate of fire from all of the AR guns. But do keep in mind that this gun does not come with a foregrip attachment though it has a bipod that reduces recoil when shooting from the prone area.  It will only appear on the classic battle royale Livik map.

Update 1.2 brings other improvements such as bags will get open faster when opened for the first time. Addition of enhanced detection for the auto-aiming, x-ray vision, long jumping, movements hacks and other cheap tricks. This will help to deal with hackers and will make the game more fun and even for all.

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