“I always wanted to be a world champion and still want to be”: Daniel Ricciardo on joining McLaren

Could Daniel Ricciardo help McLaren improve their ranking in the Constructors Standings in 2021?

Daniel Ricciardo

Could the Australian Driver be the missing piece McLaren wanted in lifting the constructors title? Daniel Ricciardo surely feels so. The dawn of the hybrid era in 2014, saw McLaren’s dream run in the Formula 1 come to an end. What led was disappointing seasons one after the other until 2018. Having to become the leading mid-table team, McLaren kept showing upwards trajectory. 

The British team will be returning to the dominant Mercedes engines, and safe to say, McLaren’s future is looking brighter than ever. The Australian Honey Badger opened up about how his experience could play a major factor in reviving McLaren to becoming world champions in a recent interview. 

Nobody knows. But I am in good spirits to have found the right place to make a serious attempt,” he said. “You can see that McLaren is on the way to improving and I feel like I can add something that the team has been missing so far in order to get wins.” 

Daniel Ricciardo on joining McLaren 

According to SpeedWeek, the Australian reckoned that he could accomplish his desired goals following the switch to the ever-growing McLaren F1 team. 

I think this is my best chance to achieve the goal that I have always set myself,” he said. 

I always wanted to be world champion and still want to be. And at McLaren, with the progress of the team, it feels like it’s my best chance to do it. Maybe it’s the best chance I’ve ever had.” 

Daniel Ricciardo will be aching to get his hands on a championship title, considering he already missed a golden opportunity while racing at Red Bull. And the potential return of McLaren Mercedes has given him a second chance in lifting the trophy. 

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