“I am deeply disappointed in my judgment: Maya Higa opens up about her involvement in the Adrianah Lee-CrazySlick controversy

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Maya Higa breaks silence about Adrianah Lee-CrazySlick controversy

Twitch has been full to the brim in controversies lately. After the ItsSliker gambling controversy, Maya Higa and Mizkif have been roped into serious s*xual assault accusations. This came after TrainwrecksTV brought up the Adrianah Lee-CrazySlick situation to light during an online spat with Mizkif. He accused the OTK streamer of having helped CrazySlick cover up the assault along with the help of Maya Higa.

While Mizkif had spoken up about the issue earlier, Maya Higa had maintained her silence. Now, in a recent Twitlonger, Higa came out with her version of the story and announced that she would be taking a break from streaming for some time.

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Maya Higa speaks up about her involvement in the Adrianah Lee-CrazySlick controversy

Earlier this month, Maya Higa and Mizkif had been accused of helping CrazySlick cover up his alleged s*xual assault of Adrianah Lee. Mizkif spoke up about the issue shortly after the accusations, stating that he was in the wrong. He was then removed from OTK till further investigation into the matter proved him innocent. Maya Higa, on the other hand, had remained quiet about the issue so far. However, she posted a Twitlonger on September 25, sharing her side of the story.

In the post, Higa explained her side of the story, stating that whatever she said was based on the information that was presented to her at the moment by Adrianah Lee and others who were present at the scene. She explained that the call recording that had been played on an earlier livestream had been taken out of context, and subsequently, misunderstood.

“On that day (07/06/2021), I was only able to operate off of the information that was given to me by Adrianah and the eyewitnesses at that time. That information was that there was no rape or sexual assault, but that CrazySlick made Adrianah uncomfortable. I supported Adrianah in sharing this.”

However, she admitted that it was wrong on her part to have inserted herself into that situation, since there was a power dynamic at play, given that Higa was a bigger streamer than Lee at the time.

Explaining her story, Higa confirmed that she had already apoligized to Adrianah Lee for her involvement in the controversy in private. However, she also apoligized publicly, and addressing her fans, said that she wanted to thank the fans who were understanding of her. On the flip side, she also understood if fans did not agree with what she did.

Finally, Maya announced that she would be taking a break from streaming owing to the current situation, and has not announced when she will be returning to the same.

Fans can read the entire Twitlonger post here.

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