“I can assure you he ain’t going nowhere,” says Jon Anik on criticism about Joe Rogan

Jon Anik talks in support of fellow commentator Joe Rogan and discusses criticism.

Jon Anik and Joe Rogan

Commentary has been an integral part of UFC’s history. There is a value and business that the commentators bring to the fights that no one can deny. One such icon known for his voice-overs during fights is Joe Rogan. Joe Rogan was a TV show host and a comic before he joined Dana White and his company. Rogan has been with the UFC for almost more than 2 decades now. The star joined UFC in the year 1997.

Recently Joe Rogan has been facing a lot of criticism for his commentary. To stand up for his colleague, commentator Jon Anik cut through all the criticism Joe Rogan has been facing. Anik believes the star is in it for the long run.

Joe Rogan besides being a veteran commentator is also one of the biggest Podcast hosts of all time. Fans have come to believe that his success in other fields has led to the lacking of quality commentary.

“Sometimes it’s hard for me to assess the totality of a broadcast right after the fact,” Jon Anik said on a recent Podcast. “I feel like I would have to fine-tooth comb the thing to address the specific criticisms. I can tell you that, for me, I do try and take the constructive criticism and employ it in the next show. For all of the noise, there is some constructive stuff that you can take to the next show.”

Jon Anik affirms that Joe Rogan has never been more happier commentating

Joe Rogan

Most of the criticism towards the long-time commentator has been doubts like “Is he still into it?”, “Is he taking it seriously?”, and “Is the three-man booth hampering him after finding an incredible amount of success in his earlier years as part of a duo?”. Joe Rogan’s friend and a colleague decided to clear out those doubts on the show “What The Heck”.

 “Again, the social media space after these live events can be a tough space to sort of engage and habitat. But I think for Joe, there’s a lot of different factors. I think that he has never been happier in that broadcast booth. I hate to put words in his mouth, but I do think he enjoys the dynamic.”,  Jon Anik said on the podcast.

Anik still had utmost appreciation and respect for his commentary partner,  “If you’re asking me, I think he still adds tremendous value. I still think there’s a special, undeniable quality to our broadcast when he is a part of it.”

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