“I consider myself and everything as a divine soul”: Djokovic talks about spirituality and ambition

Novak Djokovic of Serbia celebrates after winning the men's singles semi final against Roger Federer of Switzerland on day 11 of the Australian Open tennis tournament at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Thursday, January 30, 2020. (AAP I
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Novak Djokovic with Semir Osmanagic (Source: YouTube/BosnianPyramidsTV)

Tennis superstar Novak Djokovic is a well known Orthodox Christian, who regularly plays with a wooden cross around his neck. He’s also known to pray through his matches as so does his wife, Jelena.

Djokovic is a member of the Serbian Orthodox Church. In 2011, he received the Order of Saint Sava, the highest honor awarded by the Serbian Orthodox Church – for his indulgence and zeal to the religion.

Djokovic visited the Bosnian Pyramids this week, where he was accompanied by the pseudo-scientist and businessman Semir Osmanagic in Visoko. During the visit, he gave an interview where he touched upon the topics of spirituality and plans.

Source: YouTube/BosnianPyramidsTV

The first question he was asked – who is Novak Djokovic?

“By the way, I don’t like to talk too much about myself, but I consider myself, as well as you, and everything as a divine soul, a man who is as individual as he is and collectively connected with everyone. I consider myself a man grateful for everything he is, who wants to realize his thought on this planet and in this life. Of course, I strive to be in joy and happiness and I am very happy to be healthy, to have a family, success in my great love, and that is the sport of tennis. Overall, I feel is complete,” he said.

The next question was – how to become Novak Djokovic? He answered by saying that nobody can aspire to be somebody and they need to be oneself to become successful.

“It never happens, one is Novak Djokovic, one is Semir Osmanagic, everyone is an original version of himself and he should not become someone else and copy the other. Of course, he can get something from a successful person to become the best version of himself. Everyone he should strive to be his best version, to get to know himself, who he is, the world he lives in, the laws of nature,” said Novak

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Djokovic honored with the “Order of Saint Sava” by the Serbian Orthodox Church

When asked about his spirituality,

“It’s natural, already implanted in us. When you’re born you’re already spiritual and probably more connected to God. When we’re born we have different layers and molds imposed on us and we have to take that with us into life. It’s part of our evolution, development, I’m proud of where I come from, I am aware of some of their responsibilities, but the most important thing is to be free. When a man is free, turned toward love and peace, then it can be spiritual. it represents for me the ultimate freedom, which is the same as and love.”

Asked about where he saw himself in five years time,

“I don’t know. I have some visions, but I don’t want to talk too much about it, because I want to live more in the present moment and less in the past and future. I project certain things through prayers, affirmations, visualizations, different things and techniques that can and they should be used to pave the way for a state of mind, body and success, whatever it strives for in the future. I would be extremely happy and grateful to feel how I feel now in five years. Everything is fine.”

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