“I don’t feel like he won that fight, he did more dancing than damage” Khaos Williams claims that he won the fight with Michael Pereira

After facing a close unanimous decision loss against Michel Pereira, Khaos Williams claims that he won the fight.

Khaos Williams and Michel Pereira

The UFC Welterweight fighter Khaos Williams made a spectacular appearance inside the Octagon with a win over Alex Morono followed by a win over Abdul Razak Alhassan. With these wins, he was booked to face Michel Pereira next which didn’t go in his way.

Both of them had a really close fight and at the end of three rounds, the judges scored it as a unanimous decision win for Michel Pereira. But in his recent interview with MMA Fighting, Khaos Williams claims that he won the fight. Khaos says

“At the end of the day, I wouldn’t have put my hands up if I didn’t think I won, When it boils down to it, I got a high fight IQ, too. In the fight, there’s always room for improvement, so there’s things I could’ve done better. I’ve watched the fight over and over again. I’m my biggest critic.”

“The main reason I felt I won is because I held the middle of the cage. I was bringing the fight to him, and it’s not as easy as it looks being in there. When you have somebody dancing around and staying on the outside,”

“It’s a little harder to dial in and really get off when somebody’s running away from you, when they’re not bringing the fight to you. Now, I became the aggressor, but it was more me counter-punching because I didn’t want to look sloppy when he danced around the cage.”

“I won because I’m the one bringing the aggression. I wasn’t as aggressive as I usually am, because I was taking my time and he was moving a lot. It’s a fight and everybody’s got a puncher’s chance in a fight. But I controlled the middle of the cage and I won every exchange.”

“Every time he hit me once, I probably hit him three times. I feel like I won.”

Khaos Williams is looking to stay undefeated this year

Michel Pereira and Khaos Williams

Although, the judges disappointed Khaos Williams at the end of the fight with their scoring but he still believes it was just a minor setback and he will try to stay undefeated in 2021. Khaos added,

“It’s a minor setback for a major comeback. I stay encouraged, not discouraged. I’m a winner and I hate the feeling of losing. I’m a man, but I hate the losing feeling more than I love the winning feeling. It makes me even hungrier.”

“It’s not that I lost the fight in general, because I really didn’t lose. I’m still confident. I still believe in myself and this God-given talent. I look at it as I lost a chapter in my legacy, in my book.”

“This year was supposed to end great the way it started great, but this is just the beginning of my career and I’m getting ready to start racking these wins up.”

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