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I don’t have my own house, job to survive: International gold medallist Prakash Magadheera

Recently, a news came in about India’s Kho-Kho team skipper Nasreen being helped by the government/federation as she was going through a financial crisis. Now, one more Indian Athlete who won gold for the country at The World Drawf Games 2017, has asked help from the government as he is unable to run his expenses and is forced to stay at his sister’s home as he doesn’t even have a job to survive.

Prakash Magadheera, an Indian International Drawf Athlete (badminton, shot put and discus player), is one of those many athletes who suffer/ are suffering both financially and mentally at the moment. With no job in hand & no recognition in society, one is surely forced to think about why to choose sports. In a country like India, where sportspersons are god-like figures, it is the same country where Athletes like Prakash struggle to find an identity.

However, like every athletes does, Prakash also tried to reach out Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju through writing a letter to him via social media accounts, as he is unable to reach out to the ministry due to the ongoing lockdown.

Here’s an excerpt of the letter,


Prakash. M

#139, 4th cross S R R Layout near Green garden School, Ajjagondanahalli Hoskote (T.K) Bengaluru Rural, Bengaluru -560087


Sri. Kiren Rijiju The Ministry of Youth Affairs, And Sports Minister of India Government of India, New Delhi.

Respected Sir,

Sub: Regarding the cash prize and awards that are lawfully due to DWARF Sportsman who participated in World Dwarf Games which is equal to normal Olympic Games.

I’m Prakash .M, from Ajjagondanahalli, Hoskote(T.K) Bengaluru rural, Bengaluru -560087 I’m Dwarf Sportsman (Athlete),I won 29 medals in National & International level and Participated in world Dwarf Games. I stay in my sister’s husband’s home in Ajjagondanahalli because I don`t have my own house and job to survive. I`m more than willing to work but no one is ready to Employe me. Finances are a huge problem for me. I want to Participate in Upcoming World dwarf Games but have no finance to fund the trip. Though we represent the country and often bring home Gold & Silver medals but its never appreciated. Regular sportsmen are given cash, prizes, lands, and houses. Here we are struggling to make our livings. And the Central Government of India announced life long monthly pension for sportsperson who have won the international medals. But why not to us? I request you to provide the cash prize and the awards that aren`t given yet, for our Participation in 5th World Dwarf Games held at Belfast (UK) 2009, & 6th World Dwarf Games held at Michigan (USA) 2013, & 7th World Dwarf Games held at Ontario (Canada) 2017, & I Was World Games held at Sharjah (UAE) 2019.

Email: prakashmagadheera@gmail.com

Contact: 8971737419

Prakash also put up this letter on Twitter and tagged Kiren Rijiju, but still, he has not been provided any help yet!

It’s very painful to see such high quality Athletes, who make our nation proud at the International level, who practice 10hrs a day, just to see the Indian flag flying higher than other nations at the podium are forced to live such life, are forced to even ask for shelther.

Through this article, we hope Prakash gets the help, credit & recognition he deserves. If you are reading this one, please share this article so that it can reach the concerned person and Prakash can get a better life, a life that makes him feel proud of being an Indian Athlete.