I don’t think you will see Andy play that much longer: John McEnroe

Andy Murray still has to hit his top form after returning from a career-threatening injury.

John McEnroe (left) and Andy Murray

Andy Murray is back on the court and thankfully, he looks pain-free. It looked as if the three-time Major winner would have to cut short his career owing to unsurmountable pain in the hip, however, Murray had other ideas and is back to what he likes the best. The flip side of this, though, is that the 33-year old Brit is looking far from his best and is yet to hit the top form to compete against top-ranked opponents.

Tennis great John McEnroe feels the same way and he doubts that whether Murray will play longer unless he is back to 100%.

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I think his goal is to feel like he’s healthy and he can test himself: John McEnroe

Andy Murray

Talking to Eurosport McEnroe said, “I think his goal is to feel like he’s healthy and he can test himself. He proved at the US Open that he could go and play for a long time, he played four hours to beat Nishioka in the first round but then it looked like he was a bit spent. I don’t know whether it was physical or emotional.”

John McEnroe further added, “He is about 80% of what he was moving, the question is at the moment is that 20% going to come back? Is he going to be able to dig into the corners, is he going to be able to break out of the corners as quickly as he used to? Maybe that takes time, maybe it takes six months?”

McEnroe is not sure till when Murray’s career will last and he is hoping that someday the Scot may break into the top-10 again. “I’m not a doctor but if he stays at 80%, I don’t think you’ll see him play that much longer. But if he is in a process where the body is getting used to what it takes to go the distance, then I would think he could get back to the top ten,” concluded McEnroe.

McEnroe is on point as Murray has a lot of ground to be covered. A second-round loos at the US Open and going down in the opening round itself at the French Open do not do justice to the class Murray is. Let’s all hope that we will witness the old Andy Murray in the upcoming tournaments.

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