“I hope soon we go back to the normal life and start playing games” feels Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes


The Novel Coronavirus Pandemic has almost caused a standstill to all the sports around the world and nobody knows till what time period this will last. Reportedly, Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes is also hoping to have a normal life again and want to start playing games soon.

He said, “It’s difficult staying at home all the time because it’s not normal but you need to enjoy this time because you don’t know for how much time we will stay at home like this so you need to enjoy these moments. I hope soon we go back to the normal life and start playing games.”

On the 3rd of April, Premier League announced that this year’s season will start again when the condition will be in control. All the players are currently staying at home and spending their time with their families and practicing at home only due to the coronavirus pandemic. They are urging people as well to stay at home and stay safe.

Speaking about the importance of staying with one’s family, he said, “I’m okay. You know, when you have your family close, it’s easier. It’s difficult with the little baby because she needs to spend the energy she has – and she has a lot of energy! But me, my wife and my child have some different ways, to do some games and spend our time together.

All over the world around 14,00,000 people have been tested positive and 88,000 have died due to the pandemic COVID 19. Also 3,30,000 people have recovered from it.


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