I isolated myself: Stan Wawrinka reveals some unknown facts from 2016 US Open final against Djokovic


The very successful, Stan Wawrinka was 31 years old with 2 Grand Slams, and though 2016 was definitely his last opportunity to win another, who knew that Wawrinka would really defeat Novak Djokovic and secure his 3rd Grand Slam.

In a recent interview with L’Illustre, Stan explained the level of his nervousness for that match and his state of mind just few minutes before tye matched started

“Yes. I was 31 years old, I thought it might be my last opportunity for a Grand Slam…We went to eat with my team, I isolated myself at the end of the table with my headphones. Did not want to be spoken to. After the meal, I joined the locker room. I went to the physio, I warmed up. And then, 5 minutes become before entering the central office, I suddenly left super bad, extremely nervous, I started to cry. Magnus came to speak to me and I pulled myself together.”

Wawrinka has won 16 titles throughout his career, out of which 3 were Grand Slams.

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One Grand Slam out of those 3 came from 2016 US Open where Stan defeated the current world No.1 Novak Djokovic.

Stress and pressure are definitely not good for the game as they say, but however, he still managed to win. On being asked about how he coped with it and stan replied,

“I tried to profit a little but I still did not feel very well. In the first set, Novak led 4-1, breakpoint for him, it seems to me. I end up winning the game and there, I decided to tire myself physically to relieve my stress. I extend the duration of the exchanges, even if it means losing them.” Wawrinka concluded.

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