‘I love fighting in the UFC, but it is hard to get a belt here’ – Drakkar Klose thinking of leaving the UFC!

Drakkar Klose takes on Luis Pena, this weekend at UFC Fight Night.

Drakkar Klose

Drakkar Klose is just days away from his lightweight bout against Luis Pena at the upcoming UFC Fight Night. But, The American isn’t happy with the UFC, and has revealed that he might be leaving the promotion soon. A part of the UFC since 2017, Drakkar Klose has won 11 fights and just lost 2 in his MMA career, with a record of 5-2 in the UFC. Despite having a fight in a few days time, the frustrated fighter has hinted at leaving.

Speaking in an interview with BJPenn.com, Drakkar Klose explained how disappointing it has been for him for not getting to fight often. He also spoke about the importance of being in the limelight and ‘talking shit’ to get ‘more fights’. He also added how difficult it is to get a title shot, despite being in the winners’ zone.

I’m just trying to get money now

Klose was quoted as saying, “Dude, I’m just trying to get money now. I’m not trying to chase that belt, the UFC already knows who they want to be champion. It’s the same couple of people always fighting. You look at the top-10, Al Iaquinta is still in there, he hasn’t fought in two years. To me, it is ridiculous, I’m just trying to get these paychecks.

Citing Charles Oliveira as an example – as he gets a similar treatment, Klose said, “I’m to the point where it doesn’t matter. I can win 10 fights in a row and still not fight for the title just like Charles Oliveira. He is out there doing his thing, at least give him a title shot. It is a business and if you are not out there talking shit or showing out for the cameras, they are not going to push you.”

Klose also disclosed that he wouldn’t mind leaving the UFC, since it has been hampering his quest for getting the belt, of late. Speaking of which he said:

“I have three more fights I believe. I’ve never won a belt in any other organization. I’ve beat guys that won belts. I want to get a belt and I don’t care where it is at. If that means me fighting out my contract and going somewhere else to do it, so be it. I love fighting in the UFC, but it is hard to get a belt here, especially at 155,” Klose concluded.

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