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“I take full responsibility” Paul George moves on after humiliating loss against Dallas Mavericks

Paul George suggest that the team would have to move on and focus on the upcoming game after a humiliating 51-point defeat via the hands of Dallas Mavericks

Paul George scored 15 against Dallas Mavericks

The Los Angeles Clippers’ win streak has come to a humiliating end via the hands of Dallas Mavericks. Having being defeated by a 51-point margin, Paul George suggests, it is his responsibility not being able to carry his side through. This is the biggest loss in the Clippers’ franchise history. After being down 77-27 in the half time. One just can’t except to bounce back. Yet, after the restart of the game Luka Doncic led his men showing no mercy to the Clippers. 

The starters for the LA side were only able to register 41 point all-together. With Paul George being the highest scorer for the Clippers, with just 15 points, one can expect the extent of the massacre caused. Although the Clippers had a much deeper roster than the Mavs. But they clearly seem to miss their marquee player Kawhi Leonard in this one. 

“Not that big of a deal” Paul George 

With such as the level of their shabby performance, and PG13 is ready to take the blame for the team’s loss.  

“I take full responsibility,” George said after the loss. “It was a tough game. You know I enjoyed my Christmas Day, I enjoy my Christmas Day yesterday and today just popped up on the road too fast,” he added.  

George was also quoted saying, “It’s not that big of a deal. We got our butts whipped today, but it’s one day. We wasn’t ready today, We wasn’t prepared.” But reflecting on the loss, he also said, “I’ll take full ownership for that.” 

Even Head Coach Tyronn Lue was left frustrated on the side-lines. But he was evident is showing his dismay with the performance of many players. 

Ty Lue was asked to comment on his team’s loss after the game and this is what he said, per Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: “Tonight our guys didn’t have a lot of pop.” Lue also added to his statements when asked if an empty arena played any part in the defeat: “We have no excuses. We have to play this way.” 

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