“I think it’s premature to say”, Health Expert on further Postponement of Olympics


With all the sporting events being put at a standstill, Brian McCloskey, an expert on global health security and outbreak talks to News agency Reuters, in order to find out if there are any chances of postponing the already Postponed Tokyo Olympics, as the world does not know if any vaccine can be prepared to fight the ongoing Novel Coronavirus ‘COVID-19’ scare.

Taking about the probability of the global tournament being further postponed, McCloskey said, “I think that’s probably a little bit premature in the sense that we’ve got 15 months more of planning and preparing for the Olympics in 2021. So, I think it’s premature to say it’s unrealistic.”

“Clearly, having a vaccine would be extremely helpful, not just for the Olympics, but for all of us. But even without a vaccine I think there are other mitigation measures we will look at to make sure we can run the Games safely. So, it’s a challenge, but I’d say it’s too soon to say it can’t happen,” he added.

Reportedly, Athletes were angry at being left in confusion by both IOC and Tokyo organisers but once the postponement came, it provided a cushion & a relief that the clock is again ticking for them.

Sports federations and tournaments/Leagues around the world are preparing to emerge from this outbreak the fact that the games will be played in empty arenas and stadiums until it’s safe for fans to come back.

Looking ahead to the preparations of 2021 Summer Games, McCloskey said, “So, we can run through to this time next year, After that it gets more problematic because people have spent a lot of money, athletes have to make up their mind whether they can come or not.”

“So, it gets more and more difficult the closer you get. But I’d say there’s a willingness and an enthusiasm to make sure it happens properly. So, people will try hard and I think they’ll hang on to the last minute to see whether it’s safe to go,” he added.

Confirmed Novel Coronavirus cases in Japan has rose to 10,000 on Saturday, Reportedly, over 200 people have died from the virus in the country.


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