“I was too scared to introduce myself”: Sydney speaks about her first time meeting Disguised Toast

“I was too scared to introduce myself”: Sydney speaks about her first time meeting Disguised Toast

Sydney shares her first time meeting Disguised Toast

Streamer friendships can be quite wholesome to witness, and it is always fun when fans see different streamers interact with each other. Of the many streamer groups in the industry, OfflineTV used this as their main agenda, creating a group showcasing the personal interactions streamers share with each other. In a recent podcast, popular OfflineTV member, Sydney, shared her first ever meeting with Disguised Toast.

Disguised Toast Sydney
Sydney and Disguised Toast are part of the same organization, OfflineTV

Toast was already a popular streamer when Sydney started out her streaming journey. Naturally, she had a bit of a fangirl moment when she saw him in real life. However, she confessed that she was too scared to introduce herself to the Among Us star, and ended up not interacting with him at all.

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Sydney recalls how she was too scared to introduce herself to Disguised Toast

On a recent podcast hosted by Disguised Toast, Sydney was in conversation with the streamer along with fellow OfflineTV member, Scarra. During the course of their conversation, the popular female streamer reminisced about her experience at a previous TwitchCon.

She revealed that TwitchCon 2022 was the first ever TwitchCon that she attended, where she went along with her friend Jodi, popularly known as QuarterJade. Sydney explained that since it was her first TwitchCon, she had been quite shy about meeting new people.

“I was low-key kind of her PA, like I helped her run around, I was at her meet and greet, I was like ‘Oh are you hungry? I’m gonna go grab some food, I can get something for you.'”

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Speaking about how awkward she was at these parties, Sydney confessed that she was extremely shy and nervous and could not even muster up the courage to introduce herself to Disguised Toast.

“I was so shy and uncomfortable; I was too scared to introduce myself to Toast.”

She revealed that while she usually always went up to people to introduce herself, she refrained from doing so with Toast, since she believed it would be something he did not appreciate. In a hilarious response, Disguised Toast confirmed her suspicions, stating that they would probably not be friends if she had introduced herself to him at the hotel.

“That was the right choice, because I’m sure if you did that, we would not be friends.”

The interaction was quite adorable to watch, as fans always enjoy watching the various members of OfflineTV and their interpersonal exchanges.

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