“I would obviously compete for the title in 2021” Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen believes he is too young to worry about clinching a title and is focused on improving his performance in the upcoming season

Max Verstappen finished third in the drivers rankings in the 2020 season

There are no double thoughts in declaring Max Verstappen as the second best-driver on the grid at this time. Lacking behind Sir Lewis Hamilton, Verstappen has time and again shown his abilities to declare his arrival on the track. However as many suggest for Verstappen to realise his dream of winning the title, Hamilton has to either retire or move away from Mercedes. Both of which are unlike to happen in the near future. 

The Dutch Driver ended up in the third spot last season. With 214 points against his name, he had two wins and 11 podium finishes. For a youngster, this is a very good season. But not if you are Verstappen, who is at least not satisfied without clinching hands on the F1 Title. He lately revealed about his intentions about challenging for the 2021 title. 

Max Verstappen on 2021 Title 

Speaking to Motorsport.com, Max said, “Of course I would like to fight for the championship [in 2021], but we’ll have to find out. 

“I mean, I’m still very young. And of course, you know, people say time is ticking. But I’m very relaxed. And it’s life. Also, you know, sometimes you cannot force things. So I stay calm.” 

He continued, “But I also expect others to have a step. So I just hope that that ours is a bit bigger than the others.” 

Despite being just 23 years old, he has over six years of experience in the sport. Surely, the Red Bull star is set to dominate the grid for years to come once Hamilton calls it a day. Who knows, his chance may come even earlier if Red Bull can dramatically improve their car. Having said that, it is only up to time to unravel where will Verstappen finish in the 2021 season as the races start from March. 

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