“If I was Dream I’d delete Twitter”: Dream Face Reveal Gains Negative Traction on the Internet

“If I was Dream I’d delete Twitter”: Dream Face Reveal Gains Negative Traction on the Internet

The Dream face reveal saw a lot of negative traction online

The Dream face reveal has been the centre of all attention on Twitter lately. Popular Minecraft streamer Dream recently took off his mask and revealed his face to the world yesterday. While he received lots of support from many within the streaming industry, his face reveal was not without its fair share of memes and trolls. Although some memes were lighthearted, there were others mocking the streamer’s appearance.

dream face reveal
The Dream face reveal has taken Twitter by storm

Several creators like AriaSaki came forward and spoke out about the issue, claiming that these trolls were the reason why many faceless streamers chose to remain that way. Take a look at all the reactions fans had to Dream’s much-awaited face reveal.

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The Dream face reveal saw a lot of negative reactions from fans

Popular streamer Minecraft recently took to YouTube to share his face with the world. He has been one of the most prominent faceless streamers in the community. He had always maintained that he was aware that a face reveal would be inevitable at some point of time, and teased his face reveal to the world on September 23.


In the days leading up to October 2, many streamers shared clips of them FaceTiming Dream and seeing his face for the first time. Finally, on October 2, Dream took to YouTube to reveal his face to the world. Despite the face reveal, however, Dream maintained that he would still continue his faceless streams and not put up too much face content yet.

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Twitter went berserk after the Dream face reveal, with fans providing their different opinions about the same. While most creators were very supportive, the same could not be said about fans, many of who had negative things to say.

While most creators and fans were supportive of Dream’s face reveal, there were also people who made fun of his appearance and made memes about the same. Naturally, this elicited a response from the streamer’s followers and friends.


Fans defend Dream against negative feedback to face reveal

The negative reaction to the Dream face reveal left many streamers and fans in shock. They spoke in favor of the streamer, stating that such reactions were the reaosn why most faceless creators chose to remain faceless and never reveal their identity. Popular streamer AriaSaki shared her thoughts about the situation, stating that the number of opinions could be too much for any person to take.

Many fans even alluded to Corpse Husband, stating that looking at the reactions the Dream face reveal was getting, Corpse would not be revealing his face anytime soon.

While Dream has not shared his thoughts about the online trolling so far, other creators and fans have called out trolls for their reaction to the much-awaited face reveal.

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